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American Truck Simulator — Oregon (DLC) Steam Key GLOBAL

American Truck Simulator — Oregon (DLC) Steam Key GLOBAL

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux

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American Truck Simulator — Oregon Steam Key

The American Truck Simulator: Oregon Expansion features:

  • • Over 5.000 Miles of new roads;
  • • 14 major cities;
  • • 13 large custom rest/truck stops for refuel and parking;
  • • Loads of small rest areas and motels all around;
  • • Over 700 new 3D assets;
  • • 17 local company docks and industries;
  • • Well-known man-made and natural landmarks;
  • • Oregon-bound achievements;
  • • 25 unique and realistic junctions and interstate exchanges.

American Truck Simulator: Oregon presents one more expansion to a truck simulator game developed by SCS Software. Prepare for the lush Oregon forests, and vast roads surrounded by the evergreen scenery and deserted countryside, but don’t be afraid, there are plenty of dense cities like Portland and Salem for you to do your thing! Buy American Truck Simulator — Oregon Steam key to expand your ATS gaming experience with rich content, more locations, new 3D assets, and more! Grab the expansion, the wheel of the truck and embark on the long road full of beautiful American sceneries!

A mesmerizing truck simulator

American Truck Simulator: Oregon key unlocks the opportunity to explore the wild beauty of Beaver State Oregon. The evergreen natural scenery will go along with the deserted countryside, then to get blown away by the densely-populated city areas like Portland or Salem. The state is covered by great territories of forests that add beauty to the state of Oregon and supports its economy. Being one of the most beautiful and diverse states in the USA, you will come across even more rest areas, motels, company docks, industries, truck stops for refuel, and many more locations beneficial to you!

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