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Manus Drops Prices for its Finger Tracking Gloves, Now Starting from €1,499

Manus Drops Prices for its Finger Tracking Gloves, Now Starting from €1,499

November 10, 2020

Data glove specialist Manus launched its Prime II series back in the summer, offering enterprise customers three models covering a range of variables. Now the company has announced a price drop across the range, with the pro finger tracking gloves now retailing from €1,499 EUR.

Designed for entertainment, education and training, the Manus Prime II range support 11-degrees of freedom (11DoF) tracking including full finger spread as well as overstretching. They have interchangeable batteries which provide 5 hours of continuous usage and a universal mounting system for third-party hardware like the Vive Trackers.

The entry-level Manus Prime II gloves are now almost half the price, down from €2,990 to €1,499. Or if you want haptic feedback the Prime II Haptic gloves now come in at €2,499 instead of €3,990. Lastly, the more specialised Manus Prime II XSens comes in at €3990 with the company’s Manus Core software included.

“We at Manus are super excited about our new pricing, making high-end finger tracking more accessible for creators and developers,” said Bart Loosman, CEO at Manus in a statement. “We felt that the market was waiting for someone to break the mold on expensive tracking hardware, and we felt that should be us.”

Manus Core supports multiple tracking systems such as: OpenVR (SteamVR), OptiTrack, Antilatency, Vicon, and ART, and can be used with development tools such as Unreal Engine and Unity.

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While Manus products are focused on enterprise use cases, normal consumers can still augment their VR experiences is other ways. bHaptics announced this week that pre-orders have begun for its new TactSuit X Series haptic vests starting from $299. Or then there’s the KAT Walk C omni-directional treadmill which successfully completed s Kickstarter this summer.

For further updates on Manus’ products, keep reading VRFocus.

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