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Mafia II: Definitive Edition

Mafia II: Definitive Edition

Includes main game and all DLC releases.

Part two of the Mafia crime saga – 1940’s — 50’s Empire Bay, NY. Remastered in HD, live the life of a gangster during the Golden-era of organized crime. War hero Vito Scaletta becomes entangled with the mob in hopes of paying his father’s debts. Alongside his buddy Joe, Vito works to prove himself, climbing the family ladder with crimes of larger reward, status and consequence.

Golden-era Drama:
Inspired by iconic mafia dramas, be immersed in the allure and impossible escape of life as a wise guy in the Mafia.

Empire Bay, NY:
Post-World War 2 Empire Bay, NY, a city sprawling with opportunity and where organized crime thrives on the booming industries of post-war America.

The Complete & Remastered Favorite:
For the first-time ever experience the Mafia II crime drama all in one package and presented in stunning HD detail.

Own Mafia II: Definitive Edition to unlock Vito’s Leather Jacket and Car in both Mafia and Mafia III Definitive Editions.

Please note:

Иконки и поддержка джойстика PS4 для Mafia 2 Definitive Edition

Небольшой мод для ремастера Mafia II Definitive Edition, который добавляет в игру поддержку dualshock 4. Если быть более точным, мод заменяет все значки Xbox при использовании контроллера PS4.


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Моды Mafia 2 DE

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