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Need for Speed: Undercover

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Next-gen consoles and PC (Black Box version)

  1. Unusual difficulty spike; you start with ridiculously easy gameplay, then it ends with a nonsensical difficulty where everyone outruns you, even if you use your NOS to get a boost, the AI gets faster and faster until their cars crash. It also gets worse in the patched versions, especially the Origin version where they are buffed to oblivion!
    • Speaking of the AI mentioned above, the cops seem to be weaker than in previous games such as Most Wanted (2005).
  2. Terrible lighting effects, thanks to the overused bloom effect and the game world being coated in yellow.
  3. Weak story with a number of clichés.
  4. Repetitive game-play: the pursuit events involve taking down a number of police vehicles along with the additional cruiser that spawns every 60 seconds. It quickly gets old, and is a backwards step from the Milestones in Most Wanted (2005).
  5. Due to improper physics implementation, driving through incline doesn’t feel any different from driving on flat surface, if you use the brakes the car stops very quickly, handling is very floaty and there’s no proper weight implementation for any of the cars, meaning you can take down a SUV very easily with a Lotus Elise 111R!
  6. The patched PC port suffers from random frame drops, even on a powerful machine. (You can of course fix it using the Task Manager in the Information tab by telling it to not use CPU 0.)
  7. Cheesy, underwhelming and untalented voice acting, even from Maggie Q.
  8. Underwhelming landscape. Tri-City Bay, which is based on Miami in Florida, is just a small city (Palm Harbor, Gold Coast Mountains, Port Crescent and Sunset Hills), not a big city compared to Palmont (from Carbon) which was a very large-scale city. Speaking of Palm Harbor, this borough is just an empty shell of an island but in city form.
    • The PSP port is nothing but a reskin of previous games and it reuses portions from Most Wanted (2005)‘s Rockport City and Carbon’s Palmont City. The same applies to the PS2 and Wii ports, albeit being slightly better but still far from perfect.
  9. Some cars are quite overpowered such as the Nissan 370Z (which was over-advertised in some of the trailers), as the latter can compete with Tier 1 cars including the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 and McLaren F1!
  10. Most of the all-wheel drive cars accelerate poorly when fully upgraded, especially the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR, Audi S5 and even the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 (the Gallardo because of its upgraded drivetrain and tires being worse than the stock versions, as the car uses wrong «differential» values for both stock and upgraded versions).
  11. Due to the afromentioned racer and police AI, the job missions are rather easy to complete.
  12. The PlayStation 3 version suffers from framerate drops, especially when activating a Pursuit Breaker.
  13. Certain cars (eg. Nissan 350Z (Z33), Chrysler 300C SRT-8, Subaru Impreza WRX STI (GDB-F)) were cut due to time constraints, as EA split Black Box into three teams, (one to develop Undercover, another to develop ProStreet (which EA needed to also make a filler game for 2007), and one to develop the SkateAGW series) which caused problems for development and likely lead to certain cars having to be left out due to the development time. In other words, NFS Undercover was rushed. This also covered by the fact EA wanting a yearly Need for Speed game to be released every November and a lot of early concepts that didn’t made into the final game.
  14. Some cars can only be driven if the player has the Collector’s Edition of the game, which is unpurchasable for PC players due to changes on Need for Speed’s official website.
    • They can attain these cars on that game platform by falsifying or removing those cars’ IsCollectorEdition field via NFS-VLTEd. Also, these cars have hidden prices and unlock conditions, which are removed when the Collector’s Edition is bought.
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PS2/Wii versions

  1. It is just a reskin of Need for Speed: Carbon’s PS2/Wii version.
  2. Rubberband AI is significantly worse than next-gen version and even Need for Speed: Underground.
  3. Similar to PS3 version, this version suffers from framerate issues.

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