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Prototype «Purple Killer»

The long going work between Valve and Xi3 is finally showing it’s face, and nowhere better than in the international CES 2013, in Las Vegas. We still don’t have any concrete details about it, but what we actually do have are images and some hardware specifications. Fist of all, this computer is tiny! But don’t judge a book by it’s cover since it comes packed with gaming features. All the details installed in it are aimed at gaming, and this is seen even more when you analyze it’s quad-core 64-bit x86-based processor, with 8GB of DDR3 RAM, as SSD (harddrive) of 1TB, and even more! This device can support up to 3 displays and is also built in an interesting way. It is split into 3 different pieces that, when all together, make this peculiar looking cube, small enough to fit your hand.

Front and Back view show how many devices and peripherals can be connected

Since technology advances in a fast rate, don’t worry about changes internal parts of this computer, it could all be done easily. But guys, don’t get your hopes up because this device shown in the fair doesn’t work yet. It is basically a prototype, or a new-born baby, that will grow and show the world it’s power. Could any of you ever imagine buying such a small device with the potential to overthrow most top-notch brands? Stay tuned for more!

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