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Every Resident Evil 2 safe code: how to find and unlock every safe in the game


The solutions to Resident Evil 2: Remake’s locker codes, safe combinations, and portable safes

By Steven Messner 03 April 2020

You could find the solution the old fashioned way, or you could just use this handy guide.

If you want the locker codes, safe codes, and to get inside those pesky portable safes in Resident Evil 2: Remake, you’re going to have to do a lot of exploring. But let’s face it: Resident Evil 2 is spooky and I’d understand if you’d rather not go scouring blood-soaked hallways looking for a tourist pamphlet with a series of numbers hastily jotted along the back. Rather than backtrack and risk a nasty encounter with a licker or, even worse, the Tyrant, why not just use this guide instead?

No one has to know.

We’ll update this article if we find any more locked containers in any of Resident Evil’s four separate campaigns, but this should be enough to cover you for the first two playthroughs.

Resident Evil 2: Remake locker codes — Leon’s desk

One of the first set of locks you’ll encounter is in the West Office, where a «Welcome Leon» sign is hanging. In this room, you’ll find Leon’s desk that has two locks keeping it shut. To open it, you’ll need to input the first letter of each of your would-be coworker’s first name. To figure this out, you can look at the sets of three desks on each side of Leon’s desk. On the right side of south-facing desks, you’ll find name plaques for three officers. They are Marvin Branagh (M), Rita Phillips (R), and George Scott (G).

So the combination for the first Leon’s desk lock is MRG.

On the north-side desks, only two of the plaques can be seen. They are Elliot Edward (E) and David Ford (D). You need the first name, but it’s nowhere to be found. Fortunately, you can just brute force the lock by trying every option.

The combination for that second Leon’s desk lock is NED.

Unlocking Leon’s desk will get you an extended magazine for Leon’s pistol or a speed reloader for Claire’s revolver.

Resident Evil 2: Remake locker codes — everything else

There are three lockers to be found in the rest of Resident Evil 2: Remake. Here are the required combinations to unlock each of them:

  • Raccoon City Police Station 2nd floor shower room locker code: CAP
  • Raccoon City Police Station 3rd floor locker (by the stairs) code: DCM
  • Sewers Control Room locker code: SZF

Each of these lockers provides a different type of ammunition, which is very useful so don’t ignore them.

Resident Evil 2: Remake safe codes

Also found in three areas in Resident Evil 2: Remake are safes that require special combinations to unlock. They follow a pattern of turning the dial left, right, left to reach the required numbers and then pressed the ‘accept’ button to open the safe. Here are their required combinations:

  • 1st Floor, west office safe combination: left 9, right 15, left 7 (rewards hip pouch)
  • 2nd Floor, east wing waiting room safe combination: left 6, right 2, left 11 (muzzle break for Leon, extended mag for Claire)
  • Treatment pool room safe combination: left 2, right 12, left 8 (shotgun upgrade for Leon, hip pouch for Claire)

Resident Evil 2: Remake portable safes

Unfortunately, there is no universal codes for the portable safes. Each one is randomized, but they’re easy to figure out with a little trial and error. Each button illuminates a green light on the dial, with the goal of pushing each button in order going counter-clockwise. You can start with any button, but you want to complete a full circle in order.

So, the best way to do this is to pick any button and start pushing keys to figure out the next one in that sequence. Keep doing that until you’re able to complete a full rotation without pressing the wrong button and the safe will open.

The portable safes can be found here:

  • Playthrough A: 2nd floor shower room, 2nd floor linen room
  • Playthrough B: 1st floor interrogation room, 2nd floor linen room

The reward for opening both of these safes are the replacement keys you can insert into the keypad located on the 1st floor safety deposit room. Now that these replacement keys are in place, you can use them to open a number of locked containers to get a hip pouch and some handy healing items.

With over 7 years of experience with in-depth feature reporting, Steven’s mission is to chronicle the fascinating ways that games intersect our lives. Whether it’s colossal in-game wars in an MMO, or long-haul truckers who turn to games to protect them from the loneliness of the open road, Steven tries to unearth PC gaming’s greatest untold stories. His love of PC gaming started extremely early. Without money to spend, he spent an entire day watching the progress bar on a 25mb download of the Heroes of Might and Magic 2 demo that he then played for at least a hundred hours. It was a good demo.

Resident Evil 2 Walkthrough: Safe Codes, Locker Combinations, Pocket Safe Locations, And More

Codes to open up the way.

By Matt Espineli on February 11, 2019 at 3:14PM PST

GameSpot may get a commission from retail offers.

There are a bunch of items and resources in Resident Evil 2 that are completely optional, such as hip pouches that expand your inventory space or ammo for some of your most powerful guns. These are typically hidden inside safes or lockers with letter dial locks. You can find the combinations for these either in memos or even scribbled somewhere on a wall.

Whether you’re playing as Leon or Claire, the solutions remain the same and can be accessed without grabbing the memo that hints at their solution. The only exception to this are the items you grab by developing film rolls—though, there is a minor exception even to that. Regardless, below you can find details on all the optional items locked behind safes, lockers, or hidden in the environment.

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For more guides, be sure to check out our beginner’s tips, as well as our gun upgrades location guide. Otherwise, be sure to read our Resident Evil 2 review. The game is out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


There are two safes in the RPD—one in the West Office and the other in the Waiting Room. Both yield valuable resources well worth grabbing. We won’t spoil what’s inside each here (spoiler: they’re all useful items), but we will reveal how to open them. The safe solutions are found in memos scattered around the building, which we’ve detailed the locations of for all of you completionists out there.

West Office (RPD 1F)

The West Office safe’s combination is as follows: 9 Left, 15 Right, 7 Left. If you’re curious where to find the memo containing this solution, you can find it in Captain Wesker’s office in the S.T.A.R.S. Office on the second floor.

Waiting Room (RPD 2F)

The Waiting Room safe’s combination is as follows: 6 Left, 2 Right, 11 Left. If you’re inclined to grab the memo associated with this safe, you can find it in the Observation Room on the first floor.

Dial Locks

There are three lockers in the game that are sealed by letter dial locks. Each hold valuable ammunition for your more powerful guns that you don’t wanna miss.

Shower Room (RPD 2F)

The Shower Room’s dial lock combination is CAP. Interestingly enough, you can find this solution written on a whiteboard in the connecting room between the Operations Room and the Records Room on the first floor.

West Hallway (RPD 3F)

This locker is located in a hallway you can reach by getting to the third floor from the western side. It’s right beside the broken wall and the mannequin shadow. The dial lock combination is DCM. This is the only film roll item that doesn’t require you to first develop the film to get (more on this later).

Control Room (Upper Sewers)

The Control Room locker is located in the Upper Sewers by a desk. The dial lock combination is SZF. If you’re curious where this solution was found, it was on a Jazz festival flyer found in the Workers’ Break Room.

Film Roll Items

Other optional items don’t show up until you’ve developed a film roll with photographs that point you to their locations. Whenever you find a roll, develop it in the Dark Room on the western side of the police station. The resources you gain by completing these are typically more lucrative, so try to set aside time to complete these item hunts.

Commemorative Photo

This film roll is interesting in that it doesn’t point you to the location of resources; rather, it points you to an item you can use to gain some valuable stuff. Located in the Safety Deposit Room, grab the film roll by keying in the proper code to unlock the locker its sealed in. Though, you’re by no means required to develop the film roll to get the items its photograph hints towards, but it does help direct you towards what you need to do

When you develop the film roll in the Dark Room, it reveals a photo of a statue found in the Art Room. Before you go there, you’ll need to grab the Red Book in the Library by the door with the Spade insignia on the second floor. Once you’ve got this, head back to the Art Room, grab the stone arm beside the statue and combine it with the Red Book. Then take the arm and insert it back into the statue to unlock the scepter from its right hand.

Examine the scepter to obtain the Red Jewel. This goes into the Bejeweled Box, which you can get in the Interrogation Room. Accessing this area requires the Club Key, so if you don’t have that yet, keep progressing the story until you get it. Once you’ve got the Bejeweled Box, combine it with the Red Jewel to get the S.T.A.R.S. badge. You can use this item in two locations: the Underground Stairs in the Middle section of the Underground Facility, and the S.T.A.R.S. Office.

The badge serves as a key to unlock the white holding case holding the gun parts for either Leon’s Magnum or Claire’s Sub-machine Gun in the Underground Stairs. These are good to grab, as you’ll be following up to use the badge in the S.T.A.R.S. Office to get the weapons themselves. But before you combine the badge with the computer tower, examine the badge’s backing to reveal a hidden USB. This can then be used to open the armory.

Hiding Place Photo

This film roll is found in the Work Room in the Upper section of the Sewers; you’ll see it in-between a cardboard box and tool kit on a small table. Develop the roll in the Dark Room back at the RPD to reveal a photograph showing you two locations—that you might recognize if you’ve got a keen eye.

The first photograph points to Captain Wesker’s desk in the S.T.A.R.S. Office on the second floor. Open the drawer to get a wooden box containing a gun part.

The second photograph points to a boombox found in the Press Room on the RPD’s first floor. Open the drawer to nab the treasure.

Pocket Safes

The RPD’s Safety Deposit Room is packed with useful resources, but not all of them are accessible at first. To get everything in those pesky electronically sealed lockers, you’ll need to get two replacement keypad keys. These can be found inside Pocket Safes scattered throughout the police station. To open a Pocket Safe, simply examine it and then input the correct button pattern. This require a little bit of trial and error to find out, but keep at it and you’ll unlock it in no time. Below you can find details on where each Pocket Safe is located.

Shower Room

You’re likely to find this Pocket Safe first. It’s located in the Shower Room on the second floor of the RPD. When you enter the room, turn right and you’ll see it on top of a shelf beside some lockers.

Linen Room

The second Pocket Safe is found in the Linen Room on the second floor. You won’t be able to open this room without the Diamond Key, so if you don’t have the means to access it, simply progress the story until you do.

Resident Evil 2 Safe Codes — How to Unlock Every Safe in Resident Evil 2

Here’s a list of all the safe code combinations in Resident Evil 2 remake on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Guide by Hirun Cryer, Staff Writer

Updated on 23 May 2019

Although there are just three safes scattered throughout Raccoon City in Resident Evil 2, both Leon and Claire are going to have a tough time unlocking all three. In our Resident Evil 2 safe combinations guide, we’ll be putting together instructions on how you can go about unlocking all three safes within the game.

  • Resident Evil 2 Safe Codes — All Safe Combinations
  • Raccoon City Police Station West Office Safe Code Combinations
  • Raccoon City Police Station Waiting Room Safe Code Combinations
  • Sewers Safe Combinations

In this guide we’ll cover how to unlock the safes found throughout Resident Evil 2. Use the links below to jump to the safe unlock codes for those found in Raccoon City Police Station or the Sewers.

Resident Evil 2 Safe Codes — All Safe Combinations

As we mentioned at the top, there are safes scattered around the whole of Resident Evil 2. You can find safes in everywhere from the Raccoon City police station, to the laboratory near the end of the game.

When you approach a safe, you’ll immediately have the opportunity of unlocking a safe by interacting with it. You can attempt to unlock the safe by turning the dial whichever way you please, but if you already know the combinations for a safe, then you can have it open in merely a few seconds.

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Just below, we’ve compiled a list of all the safes we’ve found so far scattered throughout Resident Evil 2. We’ve noted the correct directions and numbers that you need to turn the dial to, before pressing A/X to open the safe up, and claim the rewards inside.

Raccoon City Police Station West Office Safe Code Combinations

  • West Office (1F) — Left 9, Right 15, Left 7.

For unlocking the safe in the West Office, you’ll be given a hip pouch, which increases your inventory space.

Raccoon City Police Station Waiting Room Safe Code Combinations

But there’s a second safe found within the police station of Resident Evil 2. On the second floor of the building, on the eastern side from the main hall, there’s the waiting room area. In this waiting room area, you’ll find another safe which you can open. The correct combination for this safe is:

  • Waiting Room (2F) — Left 6, Right 2, Left 11.

If you can unlock the safe in the waiting room, you’ll get the muzzle break item for Leon’s pistol, or the extended magazine for Claire’s revolver.

Sewers Safe Combinations

  • Treatment Pool Room (1F) — Left 2, Right 12, Left 8.

If you can manage to unlock the only safe found within the sewers area of Resident Evil 2, you’ll be given the shotgun stock for Leon. If you’re playing as Claire, then you’ll be rewarded with a hip pouch.

Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. See our terms & conditions.

Hirun Cryer is by far the most juvenile member of USgamer. He’s so juvenile, that this is his first full-time job in the industry, unlike literally every other person featured on this page. He’s written for The Guardian, Paste Magazine, and Kotaku, and he likes waking up when the sun rises and roaming the nearby woods with the bears and the wolves.

Resident Evil 2 Safe Codes and Portable Safe combinations explained

How to open the locked Portable Safe with these safe codes solutions in Resident Evil 2.

Resident Evil 2 Safe Codes and Portable Safe combinations are among the more difficult puzzles to solve.

Though the former is eventually explained by finding Files and through other observations, the Portable Safe puzzle is unlike anything else in the game — and requires you to learn how it works due to its random nature.

The good news is you don’t need to find their clues, so you can open them as soon as you find them — and with some welcome inventory and weapon upgrades at stake, you’ll want to. Our Safe Codes and Portable Safe solutions explains how.

Let’s Play Resident Evil 2: The Wait For The Resident Evil 3 Remake

Looking for something else? Visit our Resident Evil 2 walkthrough for more help.

There are a total of three Safes with Safe Codes to crack in the game. Here’s where you’ll find them, along with their solutions.

If you’re struggling to open the Safe, note the directions are for the way the dial turns, not the buttons you enter. So if it’s 9 Left, you don’t tap left nine times, but right — which spins the dial left.

Resident Evil 2 West Office Safe Code combination

The Police Station 1F West office safe code is 9 Left, 15 Right, 7 Left.

Inside is a Hip Pouch, expanding your inventory.

Resident Evil 2 Waiting Room Safe Code combination

The Police Station 2F Waiting Room safe code is 6 Left, 2 Right, 11 Left.

Inside is a Muzzle Break (Matilda) for Leon, and a High-Capacity Mag (JMB HP3) for Claire.

Resident Evil 2 Treatment Pool Room Safe Code combination

The safe code in the Sewers Treatment Pool Room is Left 2, Right 12, Left 8.

Inside is the Shotgun Stock (W-870) for Leon.

Resident Evil 2 first Portable Safe combination and location

The first Portable Safe is in Locker Room of Police Station 2F:

To solve the Portable Safe, you need to press the buttons in the correct sequence. Get it wrong, and it resets.

If looking at the Portable Safe, imagine the button layout corresponds to these numbers:

  • First Portable Safe solution (Leon): 43675218
  • First Portable Safe solution (Claire): 85137542

This should open the Portable Safe. If not — there’s a chance this code is randomised for every player — then you have to work it out by process of elimination — which you have to do for the second Portable Safe code anyway. Read on to learn how.

Resident Evil 2 second Portable Safe combination and location

The second Portable Safe is in the Linen Room in Police Station 2F — you won’t be able to access this until you return to the Police Station a second time:

For us, the second Portable Safe solution was randomised, but that’s not to say it can be easily solved. For example, when loading up different save files, we had three different solutions — 43182765, 43817625 and 23714685. There’s a strong chance these won’t work for you, so learning how to solve it yourself is necessary.

You have to enter the buttons in the right sequence, which each correct button press adding a green light each time. When you have eight buttons lit up, you’ve entered all eight buttons in correct sequence. Break the sequence, and the green lights and the entered buttons reset.

To start with, keep random buttons until you have a chain of two greens. This is the start of the code, so remember their locations.

In this example, the first two button presses are in positions 4 then 3.

Now you have to try and find a third. Press buttons at random and if it resets, enter those first two buttons you discovered, and try a different one until a third lights up. Once you have three green lights, then you have the first three in the sequence. Now to find the fourth, then the fifth, until you have all eight.

. the third button press is 1, making the code so far 4, 3 then 1.

The process gets faster each time as you have less buttons remaining to test, and by the end, you’ll have the string of eight buttons to open the Portable Safe.

If you’re struggling or get lost at any point, write down the button order in sequence on a piece of paper, and work through the remaining buttons methodically — maybe from left to right, or top down, whichever way is easiest for you to track.

Once done, each Portable Safe gives you a Spare Key. This can be added to the numeric terminal in the Safety Deposit Room in Police Station 1F — the same location you find the Shotgun or Grenade Launcher.

Using one allows you to get some additional consumables, while both opens the locker 203 — giving you the Hip Pouch, adding more space to your inventory.

Once you are done with these, don’t forget the Leon Desk puzzle and Locker Code solutions too.

Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our policy.

Resident Evil 2 guide: Every Safe code and Dial Lock combination

Open every safe and dial lock

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Capcom via Polygon

Resident Evil 2 is full of locks and puzzles. Finding every combination and code, though, takes a lot of work and more than a little backtracking.

To save yourself all that running around, this guide will give you every Safe code and Dial Lock combination — along with where to find the solutions.

Table of contents

Police Station codes and combinations
Sewers codes and combinations
NEST Laboratory codes and combinations

Police Station codes and combinations

The obvious codes you’ll need for the Police Station are the ones you’ll need for the three Medallions, but there are also plenty of safes and dial locks to open along the way.

Lion Statue and Medallion combination

Capcom via Polygon

The combination for the Lion Statue is in the Officer’s Notebook that you pick up from Officer Elliot (well, half of him) in the Watchman’s Room (1F).

Enter lion, branch (or sprig or leaves or whatever you want to call it), and eagle (or bird or whatever) into the statue’s base in the Main Hall to receive the Lion Medallion.

Unicorn Statue and Medallion combination

Capcom via Polygon

This combination is also in the Officer’s Notebook. Enter the fish, scorpion, and water jug symbols to receive the Unicorn Medallion from the statue in the Lounge (2F).

Maiden Statue and Medallion combination

Capcom via Polygon

The third Medallion takes the most work to collect. You need to get the Detonator from the Operations Room (1F) and the Battery from the STARS Office (2F), and then you need to blow open the cell door in the West Storage Room (2F).

This combination is the hardest to enter as well because rust makes it hard to pick out the woman’s head, bow, and snake.

West Office (1F) safe combination

The combination for this safe is on the Internal Memo you’ll find in the STARS Office (2F). When you find it, you’ll learn that the combination is Left 9, Right 15, Left 7.

West Office (1F) Rookie’s First Assignment combinations

The note on the roll top desk tells Leon to enter his fellow officers’ first initials into each of the dial locks. You can get the names off of the nameplates on their desks. Enter NED on the left lock and MRG on the right one. (We never found the G nameplate, but got this one through trial and error.)

Locker Room (2F) dial lock combination

Capcom via Polygon

The locker on your right ahead of you when you walk into the Locker Room has a dial lock on it. You’ll find the combination — CAP — written on a whiteboard in the room to the south of the Operations Room (1F). You need the Bolt Cutter to get in there, though.

Locker Room (2F) and Linen Room (2F) Portable Safe combination

Capcom via Polygon

There are two Portable Safes that you’ll find in Resident Evil 2 — one for each of the Spare Keys you need in the Safety Deposit Room. There’s no single combination to opening them, though.

Each of the eight buttons on the Safe correspond to one of the lights above. Those lights have arrows between them indicating which way you have to light them up. Your job is to light them all in order, but it doesn’t matter where you start.

You can solve these by trial and error, or by writing down which button lights which light and solving it systematically (which is probably way quicker).

Here’s a tip for making it a little easier: Always start at the top left button. Think of that as your home base. When you make a mistake, all you have to do is go back home again.

Waiting Room (2F) safe combination

Capcom via Polygon

You won’t find the combination for the safe in the Waiting Room until you’ve gone into the Parking Garage and returned to the Police Station, but we’re including it here because you’ll find the safe much earlier than that.

The combination is on the Confiscation Report in the Observation Room (1F). You’ll need either the Club Key (as Leon) or the Heart Key (as Claire) to get in.

The combination is 6 left, 2 right, 11 left.

3F Locker combination

This locker is standing by itself in the hallway on the third floor. You’ll spot it the first time when you pick up the Spade Key.

The combination — DCM — is on the “3F Locker” Film that you’ll find in the Firing Range near the Parking Garage.

Sewers codes and combinations

There’s only one safe to unlock in the Sewers.

Treatment Pool Room safe combination

Capcom via Polygon

Outside of the Monitor Room, you’ll cross a bridge. On the left, you’ll find a Delivery Receipt that tells you where to find the combination for a safe you’ll find on the right.

The combination is written on the right side (while facing it) of the safe. It reads 2 left, 12 right, 8 left.

NEST Laboratory codes and combinations

There are a couple more doors to unlock in the NEST Laboratory. What they require aren’t combinations, strictly speaking, but we’ll include them here anyway.

Greenhouse hatch code

Capcom via Polygon

The code to open the hatch in the Greenhouse is printed right on top of it. It’s just a bunch of symbols, though, so it’s hard to remember, so we’ve included an image of it here. (It could be different in your game, though.)

Punch this code into the wall-sized Facility Control Terminal in the Greenhouse Control Room to unlock the hatch.

Dispersal Unit code

Capcom via Polygon

The other symbol code you’ll need to enter in the same Facility Control Terminal in the Greenhouse Control Room unlocks the Dispersal Unit in the Drug Testing Lab.

You’ll find this code downstairs in the Lounge. Pick up the Trophy from one of the tables and examine it to spot the code on the bottom.

Resident Evil 2 Remake: How To Open Every Optional Lock & Safe | Code Solutions Guide

As you explore the ruined remains of a post-epidemic Raccoon City, you’ll discover something totally new in Resident Evil 2 Remake. In addition to the normal puzzles we’ve all come to expect from the franchise, you’ll also find completely optional locks and safes. These skippable locks sometimes contain incredibly useful gear that you won’t want to miss.

Finding (and opening) every optional lock or safe will earn you the “Master of Unlocking” achievement / trophy, which is a reference to an infamous line of dialogue from the original Resident Evil, where hotshot cop Barry informs protagonist Jill Valentine that she’s the “master of unlocking” because she starts the game with a lockpick. You might not have a lockpick, but you can become a master of unlocking with the full list of skippable lock / safe solutions below.

More Resident Evil 2 Remake guides on Gameranx:

How To Open Every Optional Lock & Safe | Code Solutions Guide

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for screenshots and video.]

Safes and lockers are special, optional puzzles you don’t need to solve to progress in the game. But, these optional lockers / safes contain bonus items for you to collect. Here’s a full list of solutions for all skippable safes / locks.

NOTE: To input safe combinations, always turn the dial RIGHT, LEFT, then RIGHT. Or, CLOCKWISE, COUNTER-CLOCKWISE, then CLOCKWISE.

  • Lock #1: 1F West Office – In the locked desk, in the center of the office. Input the codes NED (left) and MRG (right). Contains the High-Capacity Mag for the Matilda.
  • Lock #2: 1F West Office – In the same room, you’ll find a safe in the smaller office. Input the code 9-15-7 to unlock the safe and gain a Hip Pouch upgrade.
  • Lock #3: 2F Shower Room – Input the code CAP to unlock. Contains Shotgun Shells.
  • Lock #4: 3F Stairwell – Down the hall from the top of the stairs in the northeast corner. Input the code DCM to open. Contains MAG Ammo.
  • Lock #5: 2F Waiting Room – Input the code 6-2-11 to unlock the safe. Contains the Muzzle Brake upgrade for the Matilda.
  • Lock #6: Sewers, Control Room – Input the code SZF to unlock the dial lock. Contains MAG Ammo.
  • Lock #7: Sewers, Treatment Pool Room – Input the code 2-12-8 in the safe in the southern edge of the room. Contains the Shotgun Stock for the W-870.

Unlock all these locks to earn the “Master of Unlocking” achievement / trophy.







Resident Evil 2 Remake: How To Open Every Optional Lock & Safe | Code Solutions Guide

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