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List of survivor encounters in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

List of survivor encounters in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis


Jack Street civilian

At the beginning of the game, when passing by the Boutique road for the first time, you will hear a man screaming in pain. More forward in the alleyway that leads to the backdoor of Bar Jack, you’ll find out that the civilian is already dead, being devoured by two zombies. No matter how fast you are, the man will always be dead when reaching him.

When the two zombies see Jill, they immediately lose interest on the man’s corpse and attack her. If you wait some time in the area (around 60 seconds), he will awaken as a zombie and attack Jill. If you leave this area without killing him and re-enter after, his zombie will appear next to the place where he was killed. After Jill’s passage by the Raccoon Police Station, his zombified body will be gone.

Former S.T.A.R.S. officer Brad Vickers entering the Bar Jack

After Jill witness the death of the civilian in the Jack Street’s alley, when you’re passing the first time by the backdoor of Bar Jack, you’ll hear the sound of shots coming from the playground. Going to the playground, you’ll see Brad Vickers, a former pilot of the Special Tactics and Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.), shooting down a zombie. After this, he’ll turn back and run entering the Bar Jack by its back door.

Sometimes, the zombie who Brad shot barely survives his wounds and rises to attack Jill.

Fission Street fleeing civilian

After leaving the Warehouse, if you re-enter on the Store area of the Fisson Street by the backdoor of Bar Jack or by the Y-shaped alley, Jill will hear a woman screaming «Help!» in despair.

More forward, you will see a civilian (maybe a teenager) running away from two zombies that are chasing her, and she enters the passage to Warehouse. Following her, when you approach the passage’s entrance, it’s possible to hear her screaming «No. » and the scream is abruptly interrupted. Entering the passage, you will find her already dead beside a zombie, suggesting it killed her. No matter how long the player remains in the area she will not awaken as a zombie, there’s a template for female zombies very similar to her, but with notable differences (for example, the zombie template is with two shoes, she’s with only one).

There’s no way to save her: it’s impossible reach her in time before she enter on the passage because she is faster than Jill. Also, if you go to the Fission Street passing by the Y-shaped alley (who lead direct to the Warehouse’s front) or kill the two zombies who surround her in the first time you pass this area, when you approach to the front of the Warehouse passage, you will hear hers last scream and she is found dead beside the zombie in the same manner. You can end the game without seeing this scene, however, by doing that you can’t access the Warehouse to get the Dario’s memo and the gunpower in the container where Dario Rosso locked himself.

List of Enemies and How to Kill Them | Resident Evil 3 Remake (RE3)

This page contains walkthroughs and useful strategies for killing the various enemies in Resident Evil 3 Remake (RE3 Remake). For more information, select from one of the battle walkthroughs below and learn which weapons you should use, as well as how you should handle each monster.

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List of Contents

Resident Evil 3 Enemies


Location: All of Racoon City
Danger LevelRecommended WeaponWeakness
★ ☆☆☆☆HandgunsHead | Legs
Zombies are the result of humans becoming the undead due to the t-Virus. They are scattered all around Racoon City because of the sudden outbreak and can infect others by biting them.

NE-Alpha Parasite

Location: Racoon City
Danger LevelRecommended WeaponWeakness
★★ ☆☆☆HandgunsHead | Legs
Ne-Alpha Parasites are zombies that have been infected with the «Nemesis Alpha» or «NE-α Type» parasite. This is the first appearance of these special zombies in the game and they also have tentacle attacks similar to Nemesis.

Hunter Beta

Location: Hospital
Danger LevelRecommended WeaponWeakness
★★★★ ☆Grenade Launcher
(Acid Rounds)
The Hunter Beta is a human-reptile hybrid which uses the t-Virus as a DNA bonding agent. The Hunter B was made to improve upon its predecessor the Hunter Alpha. In the game, the Hunter has made the Hospital its hunting grounds.

Hunter Gamma

Location: Sewers
Danger LevelRecommended WeaponWeakness
★★★ ☆☆Grenade Launcher
(Explosive Rounds)
The Hunter Gamma is a human-amphibian hybrid which uses human DNA bonded to an amphibian egg infected with the t-Virus. The Hunter Gamma looks like a large frog with an enormous mouth.

Drain Deimos

Location: Substation
Danger LevelRecommended WeaponWeakness
★★★ ☆☆Grenade Launcher
(Incendiary Ammo)
The Drain Deimos is a parasitic creature that has been mutated by the t-Virus. These were once tiny parasites that sucked the blood of zombies infected with the t-Virus enlarging them and making them more aggressive.


Location: Police Station
Danger LevelRecommended WeaponWeakness
★★★ ☆☆Assault RifleHead
Lickers are mutated humans that underwent a forced second mutation from the t-Virus instead of becoming normal zombies. Their notable features are mainly that they are skinless, have an exposed brain, and have very long tongues.

Pale Head

Location: Nest 2
Danger LevelRecommended WeaponWeakness
★★★★ ☆MagnumHead
Pale Heads are zombies that underwent a special mutation. These kinds of zombies have a special trait than helps them regenerate from the damage they take. It is significantly faster than a normal zombie and it is recommended to use weapons that can damage it faster than it can regenerate.

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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999) Real Ending

  • Feb 19, 2009
  • #1
  • Valentine

    Hard To Kill
    • Feb 20, 2009
  • #2
  • aintnoscrub

    PSN: floaty_McTurd

    if you believe resident evil survivor is canon, then the canon ending to 3 is where nico lives.
    although resident evil 3 according to resident evil wikipedia, is very simple, when it comes to canon endings, and thats just «jill kills nemesis». so im guessing that any ending where you finish off nemesis is considered canon.

    i couldnt really find much that was helpful to this =(

    • Feb 20, 2009
  • #3
  • XmetallatemX

    Well-Known Member
    • Feb 20, 2009
  • #4
  • alonecrow

    Well-Known Member
    • Feb 20, 2009
  • #5
  • bruno

    Chief Researcher
    • Feb 20, 2009
  • #6
  • aintnoscrub

    PSN: floaty_McTurd
    • Feb 20, 2009
  • #7
  • Valentine

    Hard To Kill
    • Feb 20, 2009
  • #8
  • aintnoscrub

    PSN: floaty_McTurd
    • Feb 20, 2009
  • #9
  • Valentine

    Hard To Kill

    Yes, when you finnaly defeted him you’ll have two alternetives

    1. Finish the monster
    2. Ignore the mosnter and evacuate

    but it doesn’t have anything to do with Nicholai dies or lives, you’ll always have those two choises no matter what ending youll choose but I understand you when you say that the 1st one is canon.

    • Feb 20, 2009
  • #10
  • aintnoscrub

    PSN: floaty_McTurd
    • Feb 20, 2009
  • #11
  • Valentine

    Hard To Kill

    When you meet him in the helicopter the two alternatives you’ll have are

    1. Return fire=killing him cuz he was shooting at you before.
    2. Negotiate with Nicholai.

    I’ve tried them all and if one choose to negotiate Nicholai will fly out of there alive.

    • Apr 25, 2009
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  • #12
  • Valentine

    Hard To Kill

    I bring this up again on thought of perhaps a RE6. I really want to know if he’s still alive. I found this on RE wiki.

    «The player’s choice affects Nicholai’s fate. If Jill jumped off the bridge, Nicholai has two other fates;

    If Jill jumps, Nicholai takes the last helicopter, and Jill has the choice to either blow up his helicopter and kill him, or try reason with him, which allows him to escape.
    If Jill didn’t jump off the bridge, then Nicholai is killed by the Nemesis.

    The history timeline in Resident Evil 5 confirmed that Nicholai took the last helicopter but it did not confirm whether Jill killed him by blowing up the helicopter or not, basically leaving Nicholai’s fate up to the player.

    In Resident Evil: Survivor, a report can be found dated October 6, 1998 which is signed by Nicholai. However, this is only in the English version of the game. In the original Japanese version of the game, the report is signed by the «Umbrella BOW R&D Team», not Nicholai.»

    • Jul 10, 2009
  • #13
  • Valentine

    Hard To Kill
    • Oct 10, 2009
  • #14
  • nemesis_lover

    Active Member

    Nic getting away in the helicopter is the real ending. This is confirmed in the Resident Evil Archives book, which is published by Capcom themseleves:

    «Jill entered the factory control room, and from the window she saw a military helicopter. In the pilot’s seat was Nicholai. It was clear he was trying to escape on his own. Jill called him on the radio and demanded that he cooperate with them, but Nicholai still had no intention of doing so. In fact, he revealed to her that he had been assassinating his teammates for a special reward, and that there was even a small price on Jill’s head. And so, to collect on those rewards, he aimed the helicopter’s machine guns at the room Jill was standing in.

    But then, Nicholai realized that high-powered missiles were approaching the city, and he stopped his attack and proceeded with his selfish plan to escape. When Carlos came running in to see what had been happening, Jill informed him that their one means of escape, the helicopter, had now been stolen by Nicholai.

    So this also confirmes that good old Barry made his way to the city to save Jill in time. The S.D Perry version of the book also enlists Barry at the end, but I think she kills off Nicholai, i’d have to read it again.

    • Oct 10, 2017
  • #15
  • jillmainforever

    New Member

    Valentine, in Resident Evil 5’s «History of Resident Evil» file it says nothing about Nicholai getting the last chopper. So the canon ending is left to the player’s choice. Besides, they all lead to the the same result: Jill escapes. Personally, I like the one with her and Carlos only because it makes Jill more of a badass, not a prissy lady who needs help all the time. In the other ending she’s either a killer or in constant need of help. The games should be considered the only canon material source (if they come boundeled with a guidebook, databook that explains additional pieces of information about the main story, I suppose they should also be taken into consideration, although a digital format should also exist for those people who didn’t buy a CD/DVD version). Except die-hard fans, who else knows of books about a series? It’s not fair to leave the other players in the dark and add «exclusive» content in that book only to sell it, seems gimmicky.

    I also consider her Resident Evil 1 chapter to be canon, I just suppose Rebecca escaped the mountains somehow else. In Resident Evil 2, I like Claire A/Leon B. I like Dreamcast’s Code Veronica more, without X, as the latter only adds some silly useless cutscenes that show how much Wesker dislikes Chris and vice-versa. Sometimes simpler is better. RE Zero was also pointless. That’s what I think though, much of the old RE lore is left to the interpretation of the player.





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