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5 игр, в которые можно добавить секс-моды

5 игр, в которые можно добавить секс-моды

Stardew Valley тоже в списке.

Да, это снова подборка порно-модов – в прошлый раз я разбирала, куда потратить лишние 200 часов в «Скайриме». Это довольно простая для моддинга игра с большой базой модов на любой вкус, поэтому в этом списке ее не будет (как и Fallout 4, потому что они во многом схожи).

Еще одно очевидное преимущество ПК-геймеров над консольщиками – в модах на любую игру. Наготу можно добавить от файтингов до ролевого симулятора фермы, потому что, ну, кто запретит?

Не забывайте, что в посте будут обнаженные тела, так что его лучше не смотреть на работе или в присутствии детей.

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When’s the nude Sherry mod coming out?

But wouldn’t the 3D modeller get jailed for doing that?

AFAIK for 3D kids model, there’s no nude templates available anywhere (for legal reason), so you have to be really creative, or create your own, which results in various degree of quality, such as kid with adult-like body, and so on.

I agreed when will nude sherry mod will come out. I want to see it So Badly.

Just nude would be kind of pointless, I would rather see her in a gymnastics leotard and stuff like that.

Gross as Fuck bro should have known someone would have brought that up.

When is a 8 year old kinky? i don’t want to imagine that at all. Also -7 downvotes because i said a naked 8 year old is gross as fuck what’s wrong with you bastards.

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Then you might wish to stay away from this site’s Chan page.

we already had 3d hentai for little sherry.

It’s just a matter of taste, there’s no right or wrong.

Some people say it’s kinky. Some people say it’s gross.
Both are OK, everyone has different taste & preferences, to each his own.

The real one in the wrong is, someone who force his preferences on other people.

Only on Sankaku will someone get 8 downvotes for calling out some creep for demanding an 8 year old child get a nude mod.

Right. A non existent “child”.

why do i get -7 down votes!? she’s a KID.

She’s a polygon fictional character, saying that seeing her naked is the same as CP is like saying that killing an innocent NPC in any game is the SAME as murder.

Because the pedos on the Left won’t accept these guys so they need another group to hide behind. On this site there are a lot of people who hate banning and censorship so when those people start a strike against said banning and censorship the Pedos are behind them since they feel like banning naked 8 year olds and Loli’s in skimpy clothing is wrong. This site is giving these sickos a voice, it’s just a double-edged sword. When we rage at fully grown women being censored in games, the Pedos are right behind us but also raging that there’s no children (which is actually their main priority) because “Hey what’s the problem? We both hate censorship and our freedom being prohibited, right?”. I used to use this tactic a lot in school when I wanted to justify doing something I knew was wrong.

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Pedos need to be strung up and publicly shamed.

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