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Instructions and Download

Instructions and Download

Thanks for downloading our latest release (as of July 13, 2018)! Please read through this even if you’ve downloaded a past release because the instructions have changed a bit.

Keep in mind this is not the final release. This pack contains only what’s been done until June, 2018. Remastered characters and enemies, re-created weapons textures, files and chapter end background images, etc… will be in the final release and they are NOT included in this pack.

NOTE: We have released a patch for this release that addresses feedback and issues experienced with this release. After installing the release, please download / install the patch as well (the link is at the bottom of these instructions).

What You Should Know and Do Before You Download…

  • IMPORTANT: Please ensure you’ve applied the 4GB patch tool which will alleviate random crashes you may have experienced (more info available here)
  • If you have any other mods already installed, we recommend that you reinstall the game completely, as our project files may clash with some mods
  • This download includes all we’ve done until June, 2018 .
  • IT DOES NOT INCLUDE CHARACTER, ENEMIES, WEAPONS REMASTERED TEXTURES . Everything not included in this pack will be released in the Final version.
  • There is no need to install any of our previous packs we released in the past before installing this one.
  • Your game saves will remain 100% usable after installing our pack
  • Total download size: 19GB if downloaded via the Torrent and 28.5 GB if downloaded via the eight direct file links
  • The installation is handled by a batch file that moves the original files into a backup folder and then moves the new files into place


  1. Download the files via this Torrent
    • Download the Torrent File
  2. Use WinRAR , 7-Zip , or WinZip to extract the archive into the base folder for the game – for typical Steam installations, the path is: “C:Program FilesSteamSteamAppscommonResident Evil 4”
  3. This is what the folder should look like after you’ve extracted the files:
  4. Run the “install-script.bat” file (Note: Do NOT “Run as administrator” – just double-click on the file to run it)
  5. The script will ask you three questions:
    1. In addition to installing the basic mod, would you like to install our new custom gradient files[Y/N]?
    2. And would you like to install the Ada RE2 costume for cutscenes when using the Special 1 costume option[Y/N]?
    3. Some people have photosensitive epilepsy and would prefer to have lightning and flickering lights removed – would you like to remove lightning and flickering light effects[Y/N]?
      • Note: If you say “Y” to this last question, it will ask you again just to be sure.
  6. After you answer “Y” or “N” to these questions, the script will take about 30-45 seconds to complete and you’ll know the script has completed when you see a prompt to “Press any key to continue…”
  7. Launch the game and ensure the HD Textures option is selected in the options menu.
  8. Check to ensure things are working as expected, and if so, go here to download and install the patch to address specific issues folks have encountered.

    Have You Encountered Issues?

    Please visit the troubleshooting page for this release – your issue may have already been addressed or explained.
    Some Windows 10 users you *may* need to follow these steps .


    Brightness: Set it to the MAX level. Any value below the maximum will make the whites look like bright gray. Beyond that, lowering the brightness does not give you more detail (you’ll only get a duller image).

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