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Rakata: The Infinite; Empire

Infinite Empire

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Infinite Empire

General information

Organization type

Head of government

Military branch

Societal information


  • Lehon[1]
  • Byss(Deep Core)[4]

Official language

  • Rakata[1]

Historical information

Date established

Date dissolved

The Infinite Empire, also known as the Rakatan Empire, was a large pre-Republic empire and the first galactic power. The empire was founded and ruled by the Rakata, a scientifically advanced species that used their knowledge to conquer and enslave other species throughout the known galaxy, from Humans to Sand People.

The Infinite Empire was one of the predecessor governments to the Galactic Republic.


  • 1 History
    • 1.1 Origins
    • 1.2 Era of conquest
    • 1.3 Collapse
  • 2 Culture
    • 2.1 Slavery
  • 3 Astrography
    • 3.1 Known member worlds
  • 4 Behind the scenes
  • 5 Appearances
  • 6 Sources
  • 7 Notes and references

History [ ]

Origins [ ]

Many years before 36,453 BBY, the Kwa—a Force-sensitive reptilian species from the planet Dathomir—arrived on Lehon, the homeworld of the Rakata species, via their Infinity Gate technology that allowed the Kwa to travel instantaneously across the galaxy. As they had done on many worlds before, the Kwa became the Rakata’s benefactors, teaching them about the Force and giving them advanced technology. However, the Kwa were horrified to realize that Rakata were a cannibalistic race that ignored the Kwa teachings of balance, drawing only on the dark side of the Force. Pairing their aggression and desire for conquest with the Kwa technology, the Rakata expanded out from Lehon and began to conquer other worlds in the Unknown Regions. [5]

The Kwa battle the Rakata.

The Infinite Empire, as the Rakata called themselves, targeted worlds that were rich with the Force, which they conquered and then enslaved the populations of. The Rakata developed technology that allowed them to induce fear and hatred in Force-sensitive beings, and they used the Force-sensitive slaves among the populations they conquered to fuel their warships and technology by placing them in machines that converted the slaves’ dark side emotions into energy. Desiring the Kwa’s Infinity Gate technology, they turned on their benefactors when the Kwa refused—and in the resultant battle on Lehon, many Kwa died holding off the Rakatan warriors so that they could destroy the gate on Lehon. [5]

However, the Rakata were not to be stopped. Building an enormous space station known as the Star Forge over the star Abo in the Lehon system—a factory powered by the dark side that produced warships and technology for the Empire—the Rakata spread out over the Unknown Regions and into the western galaxy by 35,000 BBY. The forest world of Kashyyyk was one world captured by the Empire, and the Rakata installed a terraforming computer on the planet to manipulate Kashyyyk’s wroshyr trees. However, the computer lost contact with the Rakata in 33,598 BBY, and over two hundred years later it malfunctioned, causing a hyper-acceleration in the growth of the wroshyrs. [1]

Era of conquest [ ]

The fleet of the Infinite Empire

By 30,000 BBY, [7] the Infinite Empire had reached its zenith, linking over five hundred [8] Force-rich worlds all across the galaxy. When the Rakata encountered Dathomir, the homeworld of the Kwa, they brutally subjugated the world [7] in revenge for the Kwa’s destruction of their Infinity Gates across the galaxy, [5] and as a result the Kwa eventually devolved into the simpleminded Kwi lizards. [6] Intrigued by the enormous rancors native to Dathomir, the Infinite Empire transported a number of them back to Lehon as curiosities, and they also succeeded in driving the Gree—another spacefaring species at the time—all the way back to their home cluster. [7] The Infinite Empire introduced a rancor to the planet Gamorr, where it became a mythological creature in the culture of the native Gamorreans. [9]

The Infinite Empire turned the planet Belsavis into a prison world, using stasis technology to entomb monsters, warlords, and other powerful entities. [10] The first prisoner of Belsavis—and the reason the prison was constructed—was the World Razer, a mysterious being whose hunger supposedly consumed a thousand worlds. According to inscriptions in the Tomb, which was the Galactic Republic’s term for the primary Rakatan prison complex, it took the entire Infinite Empire to subdue the World Razer. [11]

Around 27,700 BBY, the Rakata discovered the planet Korriban and the Sith species. The Rakata showed the Sith king Adas the technology of holocrons, but Adas soon realized the Empire’s intentions of conquest and led his people in driving the Rakata off of Korriban. [12] The Rakata conquered a number of worlds in the region that was later known as the Core Worlds, including the planet Coruscant, which was home to the Human species. Despite their enslavement by the Rakata, however, the Humans experimented with sleeper ships around 27,500 BBY, seeding a number of planets in the Core Worlds and the Tion Cluster—many of which were also conquered by the Rakata. [7]

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During the Infinite Empire’s reign, the Esh-kha species began to overrun a number of Rakatan slave worlds, leading the Empire to attack the Esh-kha. One Esh-kha named Hallow Voice appealed to the Rakata to spare his species, but the Rakata strung out negotiations until they had contained the Esh-kha and then captured Hallow Voice. The Esh-kha were all imprisoned on Belsavis, locked in stasis vaults. [13] The Rakatan warlord Soa, also known as the Infernal One, was one of the rulers of the Infinite Empire, though he was ultimately imprisoned on Belsavis in what became known as the Eternity Vault. [14]

Collapse [ ]

The Force-based technology of the Rakata had profound consequences which led to the total collapse of the Infinite Empire. The Star Forge began feeding off its Rakatan masters’ aggressive tendencies and created dark side energies that further corrupted its creators. After generations of galactic supremacy and control, the Infinite Empire began to fracture. Huge slave revolts erupted throughout the borders of the Empire along with various factions vying for control. This led to a civil war throughout Rakatan controlled space. Already weakened by warfare, the Rakata were suddenly struck by a deadly plague in 25,200 BBY (possibly created by one of the slave species) that spread rapidly through their ranks due to their self-crafted genetic uniformity. The virulent disease nearly exterminated the Rakata and brought the Infinite Empire to its knees, but the worst was yet to come.

Rakata of the Infinite Empire.

A mutation in the disease caused the Rakata to lose their connection and power in the Force. As the Force adepts were culled from the overall population, the Rakata lost their ability to manipulate their own advanced technology. The Rakatans were forced to adapt to using inferior technology. With their slave masters thus weakened, the populace of many enslaved worlds rebelled. The Infinite Empire began to collapse as member worlds such as Korriban began to expel their Rakatan masters. The all-but-destroyed Rakata could do nothing but abandon their conquests and retreat to the safety of their homeworld.

Various factions on the Rakatan homeworld vied for dominance over what was left of the Empire and so began a devastating civil war that destroyed all the cities and transformed the surface of the planet into chains of islands. The war almost led to the extinction of the Rakatan species and drove most of the surviving Rakata underground where they devolved into primitive tribal groups. Only a faction known as The Elders, who were descended from the priest caste of the Infinite Empire, recalled the true history and subsequent fall of their people. In the following centuries, the defunct Infinite Empire was erased from the records of its former labor forces. It was lost from the pages of galactic history until its rediscovery during the Jedi Civil War, a few thousand years after the Rakatas’ alleged extinction.

Culture [ ]

The Empire produced technological innovations such as terraforming machinery, semi-sentient Star Maps and computers, and the transmogrifying Star Forge (built in 30,000 BBY). Among its many crimes were those of aggressive war, slavery on a massive scale, and the casual obliteration of member worlds such as Tatooine.

Slavery [ ]

Rakata supervising slaves building Temple of the Ancients

As they needed a large number of Force-sensitive beings for fueling their starships and pursue their conquest of the galaxy, the Rakata became well-known practitioners of slavery which was not only built on it but also dependent on it. They also used a lot of their slaves as a labor force to build their greatest achievements, as for the Star Forge, a massive shipyard that used the energy from stars to fuel itself. Some of the races they used included Niktos, Duros, Hutts, Humans, Selkath and many more. Eventually, slavery toppled their Empire when their subjects banded together in massive revolts.

The slaves were stripped of their identities and a letter of the aurebesh alphabet was assigned to each of them, and then tattooed in various places of their bodies in case they were dismembered. Slaves who displeased the Rakata were often eaten by their ruthless masters.

In addition, when a slave particularly strong in the Force was discovered by a Rakatan Predor, the latter could train him as a Force Hound. They would become powerful Dark Side users, trained for the purpose of discovering planets highly attuned to the Force and their inhabitants for their masters.

Astrography [ ]

Infinite Empire map

Due to the limitations of the Rakatan hyperdrive technology, the Infinite Empire consisted of only 500 worlds, despite its name. However, they were scattered far and wide over the entire length of the Known Galaxy. All the below-mentioned planets have either a large and lush ecosystem (such as Kashyyyk or Honoghr) or a connection to the Force (like Korriban, Dantooine, or Dathomir), since the Rakatan hyperdrive was only able to home in on planets with these features.

Known member worlds [ ]

  • Alzoc[7]
  • Agamar[7]
  • Belkadan[7]
  • Belsavis[3]
  • Borgo Prime[7]
  • Byss[7]
  • Caamas[7]
  • Chalcedon[7]
  • Corellia[6]
  • Corsin[7]
  • Coruscant[6]
  • Dantooine[1]
  • Dathomir[7]
  • Denon[7]
  • Drall[6]
  • Duro[6]
  • Gamorr[7]
  • Generis[7]
  • Hijarna[7]
  • Honoghr[15]
  • Hoth[3]
  • Kaal[7]
  • Kashyyyk[1]
  • Kinyen[7]
  • Kooriva[7]
  • Lehon(capital)[1]
  • Malastare[7]
  • Manaan[1]
  • Maridun[7]
  • Mon Gazza[7]
  • Muunilinst[7]
  • Mygeeto[7]
  • Nanth’ri[7]
  • Nirauan[7]
  • Oaka Prime[16]
  • Onderon[7]
  • Pho Ph’eah[7]
  • Plooma[7]
  • Raxus Prime[7]
  • Rhen Var[7]
  • Rugosa[7]
  • Salin[7]
  • Sarafur[7]
  • Selonia[6]
  • Seoul 5[7]
  • Seylott[7]
  • Sleheyron[7]
  • Sriluur[17]
  • Tandun III[7]
  • Tatooine[4]
  • Umgul[7]
  • Vandyne[7]
  • Varl[7]
  • Vendaxa[7]
  • Yag’Dhul[18]
  • Xo[7]
  • Yavin[7]
  • Zygerria[7]

Behind the scenes [ ]

In Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic it is made explicit by the guardian droid of Dantooine the main language of humans, Galactic Basic, wasn’t spoken, and neither did Humans number among the slave species. However, Humans are still found in other points to be Rakatan slaves. Also, in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, the Clan Ordo flag symbol on Dxun curiously resembles that of the Infinite Empire and the Star Forge.

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[Legends]The Rise and Fall of the Infinite Empire

So I decided to write up a blog about the Rakatan Infinite Empire.

Well I like History at school (but not History exams) and I like Legends because it goes into much more depth that canon at the moment. So why not discuss this?

Basically, the Infinite Empire answers all those questions you never asked like:

— Why is Tatooine a desert?

— Why are the Wroshyr trees on Kashyyk so tall?

— Did anyone conquer and enslave the innocent beings of the galaxy before the Republic and make them build an op fleet building super weapon thing?

Well if you did ask these, then you’re in luck! Because I’m gonna answer them!

The Rise of the Infinite Empire

So a very very very very long time before the Star Wars films and not many people flew around on spaceships, the Rakata were living like normal aliens on Lehon. Well normal carnivorous evil aliens. Then the Kwa just turned up using an Infinity Gate and told them about spaceships and the Force and stuff.

However the Rakata only used the dark side and they took their new weapons and invaded many planets in the Unknown Regions. like you do. Anyway, they then went after the Infinity Gate and turned on their friends, the Kwa. Luckily for everyone the Infinity Gates were destroyed but the Kwa retreated back to Dathomir.

This made the Rakata very angry so they took their slaves from other planets and made them build the Star Forge which was on op fleet building super weapon thing! With this new fleet they conquered force-rich worlds in the galaxy as they used the force to sense where the planets were. So that’s question 3 answered, someone did conquer and enslave the innocent beings of the galaxy before the Republic and made them build an op fleet building super weapon thing.

The Peak of the Infinite Empire

So the Rakata were just casually invading most of the important worlds in their spare time including Tatooine, where they terraformed it from the nice holiday destination it was to a desert. Fun Fact: The resident Kumumgah had just finished their spaceships before the Rakata came and basically attacked them too! They then evolved into the Jawas and the Ghorfas (Tusken Raiders). Question 1 complete!

They also invaded Kashyyyk (surprise, surprise!) and they tried to terraform it like they did with Tatooine. However it broke and the computer caused the Wroshyr Trees to grow really tall. And that’s question 3!

The list of things they messed around with goes on:

— They drove the Gree Enclave back to their home system

— They put a rancor on Gamorr which became a mythical being for the Gamorreans

— They found the Kwa on Dathomir and devolved them into the Kwi

— They turned Belsavis into a massive prison for anyone who was too powerful to be a slave like the Esh-Kha who tried to revolt.

— They tried to invade the Sith on Korriban by showing them how to make Holocrons, but they got destroyed by King Adas.

You get the general idea, they weren’t being very nice. to anyone really.

Around the same time of 27,500 BBY the humans sent out sleeper ships to other planets because they wanted to colonize and meddle too! Unfortunately they kinda flew directly into the Infinite Empire and got enslaved. Just our luck!

So you’re probably thinking «Wow these guys are OP, they can’t have possibly been destroyed» but this was when things started to turn bad for our evil carnivorous slaver aliens.

Fall of the Infinite Empire

Things were going pretty well for the Rakata by this point. They had plenty of slaves to do their bidding; a massive fleet building super weapon things; a very big empire with lots of cool new resources and awesome dark side force powers. No one could stand in their way so what could bring them down?

A sudden virus that may have been created by the slaves began to rapidly spread through the Rakata and only the Rakata. So now they were dying in their masses when this virus mutated and cut off the Rakata from the Force. Since the Rakata hyperdrives and the Star Forge were used through the dark side, they could no longer operate them.

Obviously, the slaves noticed this sudden weakness and started massive revolts all over the Infinite Empire, forcing the Rakata to retreat back to their homeworld — Lehon. There was a large civil war between factions of Rakata because of the corruption from the Star Forge and they ended up as warlike tribal communities with only a few Rakata left that still remembered the glorious, slightly horrific, days of the Infinite Empire.

The slaves erased the Infinite Empire from all public knowledge so the Republic grew without knowing about their predecessor. It wasn’t until the time of Revan and Malak that it was rediscovered. Darth Revan and Darth Malak found the Star Forge and used it for the first time since the Infinite Empire to wage war on the Republic. However it was later destroyed by a reformed Revan.

All images were found on Google so I don’t claim ownership of any of them

Thank you all for reading and I hoped you enjoyed this!

Бесконечная Империя Раката The Rakatan Infinite Empire

Тип государства

Лехон (Lehon) (находится в Неизведанных Территориях)
Официальный язык

Дата образования
35 000 до ЯБ
Дата прекращения существования
25 200 до ЯБ

Бесконечная Империя Раката — одно из первых известных государственных образований, которое захватило власть в галактике. Империя была создана расой раката, которая имела на тот момент передовые технологии, использующиеся для завоевания и порабощения других рас Галактики.

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Приблизительно за 49 000 лет до Битвы при Явине раката успешно объединили мощь Силы и технику. Благодаря этому достижению они смогли создавать корабли для исследования Галактики. К 30 000 году до Явинской битвы влияние Калестиан (Celestial) окончательно сходит на нет, а для раката это период расцвета, они становятся доминирующей и самой развитой расой. Благодаря высокой чувствительности к Силе, они находят миры полные жизни. Когда они находили менее развитые расы, раката завоевывают и порабощают их, а не помогали им в развитии. Экосистемы покоренных планет часто подвергались изменению (так, например, произошло с Кашииком, Татуином, Вагар Праксут (Vagar Praxut)).

Бесконечная Империя была официально установлена за 35 000 лет до Битвы при Явине, почти десять тысяч лет галактика была в их руках, а в рабстве у них были такие расы, как Дуро (Duros), Камамга (Kumumgah) (раса с Татуина, из которой эволюционировали Джавы (Jawas) и Горфас (Ghorfas) (более известные, как Песчаные Люди (Sand people) или Тускены (Tusken Raiders)), Селкаты (Selkath) и Люди. На пике своего могущества в состав Империи входило более 500 порабощенных планет с населением в десять миллиардов раката и одним триллионом рабов. Бесконечная Империя захватила такие отдаленные миры как Кореллия (Corellia), Хоногр (Honoghr), Дженерис (Generis), Хиджарна (Hijarna), Ксо (Xo) и Дантуин (Dantooine), хотя обширные территории между этими отдаленными мирами оставались нетронутыми. Поэтому на этих территориях сводно возникали межзвездные конфедерации меньшие по масштабу (около 27 000 до Битвы при Явине Деваронцы (Devaronians) и Гос-шамс (Gos-sams) производили эксперименты с гипердвигателем, который производил опасные гиперпрыжки неконтролируемой длины и времени). Раката вела ожесточенные войны с основными конкурентами, вернула под свой контроль Грии (Gree) и полностью истребила Ква (Kwa). С Датомира (Dathomir) после его завоевания Бесконечной Империей перевезли некоторых ранкоров на Лехон.

Технология базирующиеся на применении Силы имела для раката губительные последствия. Звездная Кузница начала использовать энергию Темной Стороны для воздействия на своих создателей. Прошли поколения превосходства и контроля над другими расами, но Бесконечная Империя начала разрушаться. Повсюду на покоренных планетах начались массовые восстания рабов, а сами раката разделились на множество враждующих между собой фракций. Это привело к гражданской войне на всей контролируемой Раката территории. Уже ослабленная войной Империя окончательно была уничтожена внезапной вспышкой смертоносной чумы, которая стремительно распространилась из-за генетической однородности Раката в 25 200 году до ЯБ. Смертоносная болезнь истребляла исключительно раката, но худшее было не это. Мутация болезни вызвала потерю чувствительности раката к Силе. Адепты Силы управляли передовыми технологиями. И после утраты Силы раката были вынуждены приспосабливаться к технологиям, которыми пользовались их рабы. Бесконечная Империя рассыпалась на отдельные миры. Некоторые расы смогли свергнуть своих хозяев (например, раса ситов на Коррибане), другие освободились, когда раката ушли.

Практически полностью уничтоженные, раката ничего не могли с этим сделать и удалились на свой родной мир — Лехон. При этом они уничтожили все Звездные Карты, чтобы бывшие рабы не смогли их там найти.

Различные группы раката враждовали между собой и на Лехоне, полностью оставив Империю и начав новую разрушительную гражданскую войну, которая уничтожила все города и превратив поверхность планеты в цепочки островов. Война практически полностью уничтожила раката как расу. Немногие оставшиеся укрылись под землей, где они превратились в примитивные племена. Только одна группа, известная как Старейшие (The Elders), которая осталась от касты жрецов, знала свою историю и падение Бесконечной Империи. В последующие столетия существование Империи было забыто у всех народов рабов. Вновь о ней узнали только во время Гражданской Войны Джедаев в 3956 году до Явинской битвы. Но численность раката продолжала сокращаться и к 1000 году до Явинской битвы они считались вымершими.



Из-за ограниченных возможностей ракатских гипердвигателей, Бесконечная Империя состояла только из 500 планет, но они были рассеяны далеко друг от друга по всей территории Галактики.

Fanfic / Star Wars: Infinite Empire

Edit Locked

Star Wars: Infinite Empire is a Star Wars Fan Fiction written by troper Joseph Leito. Set hundreds of years after the events of the movies, it chronicles the ongoing war between the Sith Empire and the True Empire, with Joseph (The username is named after the character) forming a third side to drive a wedge between the two. In the middle of all of this, however, a disturbance in the form of an ancient Rakatan warrior arises somewhere in the outer rim.

Fairly recently started, and the writer has no set schedule, but the prologue and first chapter are published. Can be found here.

Contains examples of:

  • All Your Base Are Belong to Us: Almost immediately into the story, Joseph’s hideout is invaded by the Sith.
  • And I Must Scream: The Rakata’s fate aboard a derelict ship. Locked, fully conscious, in a stasis pod for twenty-five thousand years.
  • Cool Ship: The modified X-Wing Joseph receives at the beginning of the story.
  • Foreshadowing: A rather obvious bit with the Seismic Charges built into the X-Wing.
  • Human Popsicle: The Rakatan in stasis.
  • Madness Mantra: ‘Twenty-Five. Thousand. Years. ‘
  • Retirony: Lenevan was about to announce her retirement when the Rakatan blew her to gore. In this case, the retirony extended to her entire crew.
  • Scary Impractical Armor: The Sith Stormtroopers have six-inch spikes hanging off their shoulders, and still have no peripheral vision.



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