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Clockwork City Map ESO — The Elder Scrolls Online

ESO Clockwork City Skyshards Location Map

Beneath the drainage pipes along the river.

Soaking near a fluid pump north of the Pavilion of Artifice.

This is one of the easiest ones in the zone. If you go south from the mentioned Wayshrine, soon enough you’ll end up in a small lake. The fluid pump described in the name is at the center of this lake. Although our goal is at the center of this pump, it isn’t really well hidden. You can spot it from miles away. There are some enemies around the lake, but they don’t came in larger groups, so they aren’t a problem. On my run through, I’ve managed to pull one group by mistake, which could happen to anyone, as you can’t really see them due to their colors during the day. They resemble the colors of the surroundings. It is strange to think that this big of a pump hasn’t drained this small lake yet.

Soaking near a fluid pump north of the Pavilion of Artifice.

By the collapsed pipes in the Mechanical Fundament.

The Mechanical Fundament door is southwest from the Grand Depository. It is next to the path that takes you toward the western part of the fort. Once you get to the door, you’ll see the sign that you can enter this Mechanical Fundament.

Layers of layers, wheels within wheels: the Clockwork City has many levels, each with specific functions, often including adaptive instrumentality that enables the machinery to reach to change.

As you go inside the Mechanical Fundament, you should proceed toward the very end of the southeastern part of the tunnels. In this area, the light from the shard points to its location below. You’ll have to jump down in order to reach and collect the Mechanical Fundament Skyshard.

Mechanical Fundament Entrance

By the collapsed pipes in the Mechanical Fundament.

On the lip of the Skybridge.

At the start, follow the path west from the main entrance to the Fortress. You’ll enter the Reactor District first, and make your way west, through the groups of enemies. Right before the last curve of the road, just underneath the tall bridge, is a small entrance to the Skybridge. This is right from the tall Clockwork tower, with several long pipes.

Once in Skybridge, continue forward and keep to your left. Soon enough, after a long straight path, you’ll come up to a small crossroad. Keep going forward, toward the metal pole. This pole is at the center of this metal-fenced area. Next to it, on the very edge of the plateau, on a small pipe is the Skybridge Skyshard.

On the lip of the Skybridge.

In a junction with three exits in the Halls of Regulation.

The dungeon POI map icon shows up as you leave the main eastern road, toward the south. The goal is at the center of the large lake. It is a lone island with a big building in its center. The entrance to the Halls of Regulation is in the northwestern part of the compound, the one you are most likely to come from. The two light posts next to the entrance make it easier as well.

The climate and weather systems of the Clockwork City may be simplified of the weather of Nirn Above, but even simplified, these systems and the mechanisms that drive them are enormously complex.

From the entrance, turn right and go down this road. The path takes you through one longe tunnel, into yet another large room. Even from the entrance of this room, you can spot the Halls of Regulation Skyshard. This is the second largest dungeon room from the south. There is one Kagouti Fabricant next to it, while four Factotum Adjudicators spawn periodically.

Halls of Regulation Entrance

In a junction with three exits in the Halls of Regulation.

Amidst the wafts in the Shadow Cleft.

To reach the dungeon entrance, you’ll need to come from the north. This entrance is on a higher plateau, with an ascending path, coming from the north. As you climb up, keep to your right, and soon enough, you’ll reach a portal. Use this portal to enter the delve.

“The Withering Hermit says the Shadow Cleft is just a gloom-dusk cast by Nocturnal’s Evergloam, whispered the voice from the darkness. “But her wandering star fell long, long ago.”

As you enter the dungeon, open up the map. You’ll spot a long river running through its center. Your goal is to reach its eastern end. There are not a lot of enemies on your path there, and they even come in small groups. This is good, because you can simply run in there, without any fear. At the end of this river, there is a large waterfall. Be careful while jumping down there, because it is a bit high. There is actually a piece of deeper water you can safely land in, but you can miss it completely.

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The Shadow Cleft Skyshard is down the waterfall, in the center of the small cave room with a couple of shiny wafts, making it a mystical and unique experience.

The Clockwork City DLC Game Pack

Included with an active ESO Plus Membership or available for purchase for 2000 crowns in the in-game Crown Store.

A new adventure awaits

Journey into Sotha Sil’s Clockwork City to investigate a new Daedric threat

New zone: The Clockwork City

Explore a unique zone packed with unforgettable architecture, strange creatures, and powerful hybrid monsters

New Trial

Enter the Asylum Sanctorium and earn new Asylum Weapons by defeating the Clockwork Saints in this 12-player challenge

New gear & items

Earn new unique armor sets, character customization items, crafting motifs, and more!

Answer the call

Reports of mysterious shadow assassins draw you into Sotha Sil’s Clockwork City to investigate a new Daedric threat.

Uncover the secrets of this strange new zone, take on a new 12-player trial, and earn powerful new armor sets, items, and more.

» >

Adventure into the Clockwork City

Journey into Sotha Sil’s Clockwork City, a great and intricate mechanism that duplicates the mythic structures of Nirn in metallic miniature.

Assist the illustrious mage Divayth Fyr in foiling an insidious Daedric plot to unseat the city’s creator from his mechanical throne, deep within the bowels of the mechanized metropolis.

New Trial: Asylum Sanctorium

Not all of Sotha Sil’s ambitious experiments bear results that fit neatly into his Grand Design. Those that cannot be salvaged must be sequestered.

Within the Asylum Sanctorium, three such mechanical abominations have been left to descend into madness over the course of centuries. Now these unstable creations threaten to escape from their confines and throw Clockwork City into chaos.

Clockwork City Map ESO — The Elder Scrolls Online

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Clockwork City map

Clockwork City is a zone released in The Elder Scrolls Online: Clockwork City DLC. It’s a mechanical city existing outside of space and time, created by Sotha Sil.

Clockwork City map above features six most important points of interest in the zone.

1. The Brass Fortress

Main town of Clockwork City zone, including quest NPCs, traders, crafting stations and a Transmutation Station.

2. The Mechanical Fundament

Located beneath the Brass Fortress, this dangerous labyrinth is crawling with fabricants and single-minded factotums that won’t hesitate to sanitize the area of any living beings.

3. The Halls of Regulation

Halls of Regulation is one of the two delves introduced in Clockwork City DLC. Halls of Regulation maintains Clockwork City’s air and water, but it’s overrun with malfunctioning mechanical constructs called factotums.

4. The Shadow Cleft

Second delve in Clockwork City. You’ll need to investigate a mysterious portal to Evergloam, the Oblivion realm of Daedric Prince Nocturnal.

5. The Sanctuary of Verification

Here you’ll meet The Imperfect, Sotha Sil’s mechanical war machine world boss.

6. The Asylum Sanctorium

Asylum Sanctorium is a new trial introduced in Clockwork City. It’s a sanitarium for some of the city’s maddest inhabitants. Asylum gives you the option to fight the three bosses first, or skip them and fight them alongside the final boss for a greater challenge.

These locations are just some of the places you can discover when you visit Clockwork City, but there are countless other adventures to be had off of the beaten path.

ESO Clockwork City DLC: Skyshards Locations Guide

After arriving early for PC players, the console crowd can finally get in on the new zone, extra trial, updated transmutation system, and added asylum weapons in the Clockwork City DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online!

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the Clockwork City expansion comes free to ESO Plus members or is available to buy in-game for 2,000 crowns. The upgraded 4,000 crown deluxe bundle also nets you the nifty Clockwork Skeevaton pet and Kagouti Fabricant mount if you really want to sport some new clockwork-themed pals.

With the addition of a new zone comes extra skyshards to track down as well. Below, we cover all the skyshards that have been discovered so far in the realm of Sotha Sil — as well as their locations!

Check the map below for the general area where the skyshards are found, followed by detailed descriptions of how to reach each specific location, as some of them require using doors or portals to access different areas.

Clockwork City Skyshard #1

For this skyshard, head west from the Brass Fortress entrance and then travel beneath the drainage pipes found by the river. The skyshard is clearly visible along the banks underneath a pipe and next to some rocks by a string of lights.

ESO Clockwork City Skyshard 1

Clockwork City Skyshard #2

Next up, travel north from the Pavilion of Artifice crafting station and look for the large brass fluid pumps sticking out of the water. The skyshard is in the middle of three of the brass pumps all clustered closely together.

ESO Clockwork City Skyshard 2

Clockwork City Skyshard #3

To get to this skyshard, enter the door to the Mechanical Fundament found west of the Brass Fortress entrance. Inside the Mechanical Fundament section, jump down to the lower area with the broken pipes to find the skyshard on the right side of the tunnel.

ESO Clockwork City Skyshard 3

Clockwork City Skyshard #4

For the fourth shard, go inside the door leading to the Skybridge section of the Brass Fortress (in the restricted brass works). This skyshard is found on the edge of the bridge by the fence and located above the Fortified Brass Set crafting station.

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ESO Clockwork City Skyshard 4

Clockwork City Skyshard #5

For the fifth skyshard, go through the door leading to the Halls Of Regulations near the southeast edge of the map. Inside the Halls, you are looking for a junction with three tunnels going in different directions. The skyshard is at the center of the junction.

ESO Clockwork City Skyshard 5

Clockwork City Skyshard #6

For the final Clockwork City DLC skyshard, you have to first head over to the southwest corner of the map and walk inside a small cave/tunnel to access the portal to the Shadow Cleft.

After transporting to the separate Shadow Cleft area, travel along the main path over to the far east side of the map to find the river. If you run down the river eventually there’s a part where it drops down in a semi-waterfall to a new clearing.

Head forward into the center of the clearing to find the last Clockwork DLC skyshard waiting to be claimed.

That’s all six skyshards that have been discovered so far — let us know when you find them all. Special thanks to YouTuber Shimmer for the screenshots.

Enjoy your new skill points from the shards, and have fun tracking down everything else in this mechanical expansion to the Elder Scrolls experience.

Be sure to leave a comment if you’d like to see us cover any other Clockwork City guides or have any questions on finding these locations! Need help with the base game or any of the other DLC areas? Check out our full list of ESO guides right here.

Clockwork City Map ESO — The Elder Scrolls Online

Sotha Sil’s fantastic mechanical realm will soon be yours to explore with the Clockwork City DLC game pack of the Elder Scrolls Online, free for ESO Plus members and available for purchase in the in-game Crown Store. For more on some of the bizarre and dangerous locations you can experience in this new zone, we’re pleased to present The Clockwork City Adventure Guide!

Clockwork City is filled with mysterious automatons, fantastic sights, and hidden dangers. As you take your first steps into the new zone, don’t miss these exciting locations.

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The “residential» section of the Clockwork City is the only place that both visitors and residents can explore in relative safety. While the rest of the realm is inhospitable or indifferent to humans, Elves, or beast-races, the Brass Fortress is the safe haven of the Clockwork Apostles, and all stranded travelers seek refuge here sooner or later.

Within the Brass Fortress you’ll find traders, crafting stations (including a Transmutation Station), a Wayshrine, and all manner of local inhabitants that may be willing to help or hinder you on your journey. It’s a great first stop for any would-be adventurers.

To be a strong hero in the game, you do not only need to have the most powerful skills but also need to equip your class with the excellent items, such as armor and weapons. To save your time and have more fun in the game, maybe you also need to buy some Elder Scrolls Online Items in advance to enjoy the game more in the future. Do you still spend much time and energy on good armor and weapons? Why not just choose an easy way to get more fun from the game and a better life?


The maintenance tunnels and subterranean chambers beneath the Brass Fortress contain a mad assortment of clockwork mechanisms and computational contraptions. This dangerous labyrinth is crawling with fabricants and single-minded factotums that won’t hesitate to sanitize the area of organic infestation (read: people). Nevertheless, scavengers from the city still brave the shadowy lower tunnels looking for scrap and clockwork treasures to sell or refurbish.

Exploration is often its own reward. Who knows what you’ll find beneath the fortress? Of course, scavenging is not without risk. Should you choose to brave this area, be ready for anything!


The artificial environment of the Clockwork City must maintain a precarious balance to exist, and it is the Halls of Regulation that maintain its breathable air and potable water. Precisely controlling the humidity, temperature, and wind currents are the sole functions of this facility.

Of course, nothing lasts forever. Time has not been kind to this important utility and it is in dire need of repairs. It’s also overrun with malfunctioning mechanical constructs called factotums. The Halls of Regulation is one of the Clockwork City’s two challenging delves, so why not drop by and see if you can’t provide some assistance?


Evergloam, the Oblivion realm of the Daedric Prince Nocturnal, has manifested a shadowy gateway within the Clockwork City, allowing its denizens access to Sotha Sil’s creation.

The Clockwork Apostles seek brave adventurers willing to investigate this mysterious portal to find one of their lost acolytes. If you’ve explored Daedric realms in the past, this delve should be right up your alley. If you haven’t, now’s your chance!


So long as Sotha Sil exists, he will continue to invent, refine, and improve. His experiments and curious side-projects can be found throughout the Clockwork City. One such experiment created the monstrous war machine, the Imperfect. It’s not precisely known how many versions of this controversial war machine have been churned out by Sotha Sil’s factories over the years, but fortunately, none have yet escaped the confines of the Sanctuary.

The Imperfect is one of Clockwork City’s two world bosses. Don’t try and take it on alone; this mechanical monstrosity improves itself by demolishing any would-be challengers, and it has learned a lot over the centuries.

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Half house of healing, half shrine, this isolated area of the Clockwork City serves as a sanitarium for inhabitants driven mad by the strangeness of its artificial environment. It is also the permanent home of three Dunmer Saints that Sotha Sil transformed into immortal machines. The sanity of these fearsome creatures has been eroding ever since.

This new Trial gives you and your group a unique choice. Will you take on each of its three bosses one-by-one? Or will you go straight to the final battle and deal with all three Saints at once? There are unique rewards depending on how difficult you choose to make the encounter, assuming you survive at all!

These are just some of the bizarre and dangerous locations you can visit when you explore the Clockwork City. Experience everything this new zone has to offer when the Clockwork City DLC game pack arrives this fall, free for ESO Plus members or available for purchase in the in-game Crown Store.

The Elder Scrolls Online — Что такое Clockwork City?

Даже само существование этого города – тщательно охраняемый секрет. Вход в него лежит глубоко под землей, в тайном убежище. Его расположение известно лишь немногим из тех, кто не входит в круг посвященных Сота Сила. Но в этом году отважные исследователи впервые смогут бросить вызов механизированным созданиям Часового бога в Clockwork City, новом дополнении The Elder Scrolls Online.

“Мы решили, что Clockwork City станет следующей локацией The Elder Scrolls Online, потому что это уникальное место, в которое редко кто мог попасть, – рассказывает творческий директор Рич Ламберт. – Это царство Сота Сила. Здесь он воплотил свое знание о мире, о том, как все устроено, или даже о том, как ему хотелось бы все устроить. Весь город был создан с нуля. Такого мы прежде не делали, но в этом и прелесть. И, конечно, главное – это Сота Сил, ведь фанаты Elder Scrolls любят Сота Сила. Он – безумный гений”.

ESO ClockworkCity SothaSil

Механическая загадка

Конечно, в соответствии с таинственной природой Часового бога, многое в Clockwork City покрыто завесой тайны.

“Первое, что вы должны знать про Сота Сила – это то, что мы ничего не знаем про Сота Сила, – объясняет Лемон Таттл, ведущий сценарист локации. – Тайна – это краеугольный камень его личности. Он мог построить Часовой город по множеству самых разных причин. И что это даст Тамриэлю – зло или добро – пока не известно”.

Даже описать Clockwork city непросто. Легенды гласят, что этот город – миниатюрная копия Тамриэля, созданная под стеклянным куполом, и посетители волшебным образом тоже уменьшаются, попадая внутрь. Надо заметить, что слово “часовой” в названии города имеет буквальный смысл. Городские постройки, растения и все формы жизни – механические творения рук самого Сота Сила. Именно поэтому Clockwork City – невероятное место для игроков, которые рискнут его исследовать.

ESO ClockworkCity Environment

“Clockwork city – самое таинственное место из тех, над которыми мне приходилось работать, – поясняет Таттл. – Отчасти потому, что не существует подробных предыдущих разработок и историй, от которых можно было оттолкнуться. Отчасти потому, что это владения Сота Сила, и никто на самом деле не знает цели его странных экспериментов и их результатов”.

Мастерская Часового бога

Исследуя Clockwork city, вы обнаружите, что он является одновременно мастерской и испытательным полигоном для механических созданий Сота Сила. Эти фантастические и опасные живые машины могут иметь вид зловредных и мерзких фабрикантов, созданных из плоти и металла, которые слоняются вокруг города.

«Фабриканты – это одно из величайших технологических достижений Сота Сила, но никто не знает, зачем они были созданы, – рассказывает Таттл. – Некоторые последователи Сота Сила, Clockwork Apostles (Часовые Апостолы), считают, что это первый шаг на пути к будущей интеграции, когда будут полностью стерты различия между плотью и машинами. Но зачем в будущем понадобятся огромные механические динозавры – никто не знает!”

ESO ClockworkCity Fabricant

Являются ли фабриканты частью длящегося эксперимента Сота Сила или Часовой бог позабыл о них, просто бросив скитаться по диким местам? Очевидно одно: Сота Сил заложил высокий уровень контроля над городом, который он сотворил. Посмотрим, как вам удасться повлиять на этот великий эксперимент. Ворветесь ли вы в Clockwork city как нарушитель или станете частью его невероятного плана?

Часовое сообщество

Обитатели Часового города, как и заложено в основе всей этой механической локации, составляют уникальное сообщество, которое отражает ход мыслей Сота Сила.

“Clockwork City – секретное место, которое много сотен лет было сокрыто от глаз других жителей Тамриэля, и, в результате, оно развивалось очень изолированно, – объясняет Ламберт. – А это значит, что те, кто здесь живут, отличаются от прочих народов. По мере выполнения заданий и продвижения по сюжету, вы начнете понимать особенности местных обителей”.

Местное сообщество поделено на две ярко выраженные группы: Apostles (Апостолов), которые являются частью механизмов Часового бога, и Tarnished (Тусклых), которые живут не под защитой крепости. Apostles считают, что каждый житель Brass Fortress (Медной крепости) – сердца Clockwork City – должен иметь четкую цель. В качестве такой цели может подойти изучение творчества Сота Сила, постоянное проведение его экспериментов или важная и нужна работа по поддержанию всех систем города в порядке. Те, кто не хотят быть частью великого замысла, изгоняются из Brass Fortress.

ESO ClockworkCity People

“Brass Fortress – очень регламентированное место, где все должны действовать по правилам или убираться прочь. Все как в механизме: если есть устройство, оно должно работать, выполнять свою функцию, – поясняет Таттл. – А если устройство ломается, его выбрасывают. Так получаются Tarnished. Люди, которые по каким-либо причинам не могут отыскать свое место в обществе, вынуждены жить изгоями”.

Исследуя царство Сота Сила, вы столкнетесь с представителями обеих групп, и, возможно, узнаете, какое место отведено вам в его великом замысле.

Исследование Сота Сила

В дополнении Clockwork City вам предстоит раскрыть секрет даэдра, но весь его город – это одна сплошная загадка, а истинная цель его создания покрыта тайной.

“Несомненно, эта локация должна подарить игрокам те же переживания, что они испытывали, играя в ESO: Morrowind или дополнение Orsinium, – рассказывает Ламберт. – Их ждет новая зона для исследований и фантастическая история, которая поможет немного приподнять завесу над секретами Clockwork City”.


ESO Clockwork City Skyshards Location Map






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