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The Sims 4 Modern Python Modding: Part 1 — Setup

I’ve been programming for many years but I’m very new to Sims 4 modding and was ashamed and baffled by the state of Sims 4 scripting tutorials online. Most tutorials are from 2014–2018 and are terribly written and put together using bad teaching practices and are very much out of date. Explanations were also very lacking. You can’t just be told what to do, you obviously want to be a great modder and to do that you have to understand what you’re doing.

The tutorials are so bad that for the past 6 years all people have been talking about are how bad the tutorials are and how very few their are. I’m going to be hopefully writing better articles over a span of time, I know programming pretty well, I just have to figure out Sims 4 modding without much help online. My goal is to document what I’ve learned into tutorials with good explanations so you can stand on your own and take it further.

The Sims 4 | What is the script call failed error?

The Sims 4 script call error is the result of broken mods and custom content (CC) interfering with a new The Sims 4 update. Many The Sims 4 players experience script call failure after EA releases a new patch for the game, such as the recent The Sims 4: Island Living, since old mods and CCs players have installed aren’t yet updated to run with the official game update’s new code. In order to fix the script call failed error, you’ll have to make sure your mods are up to date, or remove them entirely.

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