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Script Compilation Errors, but no conflicts

Fix: Witcher 3 Script Compilation Error

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a 2015 Open-world, Action role-playing game developed by CD Projekt. The game is a sequel to the Witcher 2 and is the third addition to the series. Upon its release, the game was heavily appreciated for its amazing graphics and open world. Also, the well-written story and side quests make it an even more amazing game to play.

Script Compilation Error Witcher 3

A lot of Mods also became available for the game, but recently a lot of reports have been coming in of a “script compilation error” that occurs when you apply certain mods to the game. In this article, we will discuss the causes of the error and try to solve them step by step.

What Causes The Script Compilation Error?

The error occurs only if you try to use mods in the game, there could be two different causes to the error

  • Mod Versions: The version of the mods you are trying to install might be “1.30” and the version of the GOTY is “1.31”. Even if no script compilation errors occur you might still see a problem with the gameplay because the “1.30” version of mods just override some of the features of the “GOTY 1.31 ” version of the game.
  • Mod Conflicts: If you have more than one mods installed they might be conflicting with each other especially if they have different versions, i.e if one mod version is 1.30 and the other’s is 1.31 then they might be causing conflict with each other.

The solutions to these problems will be discussed below and we will make sure you can use all of your mods with your game without any trouble.

Solution 1: Updating Mods and Game.

As we discussed before if your Witcher 3 game is updated to the latest GOTY edition and the mods you are using are of the “1.30 version” then you might see a script compilation error or have issues with certain features of the game. Also, if your game is not on the “1.30” or “1.31” version even then these issues can arise while modding. To fix this

  1. First of all, install the base game
  2. Download the Day 1 Patchhere
  3. Similarly, download the “1.10 Patch” here
  4. Download the 1.22 Patchhere
  5. Download the 1.24 Patchhere
  6. Download the 1.30 Patchhere
  7. Download the 1.31 Patchhere
  8. Once you have downloaded all the patches put them all in one folder.
  9. First Install the Day 1 Patch, to do so just double click on the patch.exe Double-clicking the Day 1 Patch
  10. This will open up a pop-up Click on UpdateClicking on Update
  11. This will automatically install the Day 1 Patch For your Game.
  12. Repeat this process for all the other Patches (install all of them in order)
  13. After you are done, your game will have been updated to the 1.31 version and now you may have gotten rid of the script compilation errors due to the game version.
  14. Now make sure that the mods that you are downloading are of the 1.31 version for them to work correctly.

Note: Skip The Step 14 if you don’t want to download each mod again and try the second solution.

This process should solve all the version related conflicts within the mods and with the game if the error still persists then you should move on to our next solution.

Solution 2: Applying the Unification Patch.

If you do not want to update your mods and the mods and the games have different versions than you should apply the Unification Patch that was released later to solve these conflicts. Below we will apply the patch step by step.

  1. Go here and download the Unification patch
  2. Once downloaded, Copy both the “Content” and the “Mods” in your game folder. Copying the content and the mods folder
  3. Make sure to select Copy and Replace.

Note: Make Sure you update the game to its latest version before applying this solution, the process has been explained in the previous solution.

Solution 3: Merging Mod Scripts

Not all of the Witcher 3 mods are compatible with each other and sometimes give rise to conflicts which result in the scripts compilation error. We will be solving this problem using software which allows for the scripts to be merged together and solve the conflicts we will be going over the step by step process below.

  1. Download the Script Merger
  2. Run the Script MergerRunning the Script Manager
  3. Select your Witcher 3 directory by clicking on “Selecting Witcher 3 directory
  4. Now click on refresh in Conflicts and it will tell you the conflicts in the mods. Clicking on Refresh
  5. Now select the Mods and Click on Merge Selected ScriptClicking on Merge Selected Script
  6. Now It will tell you the number of Conflicts in the scripts and the ones that it has resolved automatically also the ones that need to be resolved manually. Click on OKClicking on OK
  7. Now as you can see on the top words A, B and C are visible, they are the names of the three columns. Also, below you can see the output column The Columns inside the script manager
  8. The yellow Lines indicate the conflicts that require to be resolved manually so in order to resolve those on the Output Column we scroll down and search for the line that says Merge Column and is highlighted in yellow and Right-Click on it, Now we have to see in the A, B and C columns and see in which column actual code is highlighted in yellow. In this case that is in the C column Using Lines from Column C

So, we click on Select Lines From C
Now as you can see the lines from the column C have automatically been used and the conflict is solved now click on File and SaveSaving our changes

Note: If you have more than one manual conflict repeat the above process until all the conflicts are resolved

This process solves all the conflicts that arise between the scripts of the two mods by merging together their scripts and making sure that the merged script allows you to use both the mods together without any conflict. Make sure you try all the solutions in order because if not it might give rise to even more problems with the script of the game.

Script Compilation Errors, but no conflicts.



Script Compilation Errors, but no conflicts.

I am not sure what the problem is.

The mods I have installed are:

Always Full Exp (GOTY)-820-1-31Unassigned11/12/2016 11:43:12 AM11/12/2016 10:35:03 AM?
AutoLoot Configurable All-in-One (1.30-1.31) — AutoLoot AIO 3.0 for Patch 1.31Unassigned11/12/2016 10:15:38 AM11/12/2016 10:15:33 AM147923.0.5 / 3.0.5AeroHD
Better Icons — Better Icons all inclusive.Unassigned11/12/2016 11:07:29 AM11/12/2016 10:51:14 AM32061.5 / 1.5Philozoraptor and Marnah93
Colored Map Markers — Colored Map MarkersTweaks11/12/2016 11:07:32 AM11/12/2016 11:04:06 AM134651.30.1 / 1.30.1DJ_Kovrik
Gear Improvements Last Longer — GILL — Gear Improvements Last Longer (GILL)Tweaks11/12/2016 11:07:35 AM11/12/2016 10:58:30 AM116191.22 / 1.22Elenear
Lore-friendly Witchers — True MutantismUnassigned11/12/2016 11:07:41 AM11/12/2016 10:42:27 AM39260.6 / 0.6DazzlingDjango
Lore-friendly Witchers — True Mutantism — Hearts of StoneUnassigned11/12/2016 11:07:42 AM11/12/2016 10:42:23 AM49250.7 / 0.6DazzlingDjango
Main Map Zoom — modMainMapZoom 1.1User Interface11/12/2016 11:07:47 AM11/12/2016 10:57:03 AM22581.1 / 1.1SP3333DO
Super Turbo lighting Mod — STLM 2.2.1Graphics and Visuals11/12/2016 10:15:14 AM11/12/2016 10:04:58 AM101722.2.1 / 2.2Essenthy
Colored Map Markers — Colored Map MarkersTweaks11/12/2016 11:07:32 AM11/12/2016 11:04:06 AM134651.30.1 / 1.30.1

The Errors given are in:

Error [content0]gamereplacersciri.ws(329): Function ‘GetCriticalHitChance’ takes 5 parameter(s) which is inconsistent with base function (3).
Error [modautolootmenu]gameplayerplayerwitcher.ws(1761): Function ‘ApplyOil’ has different return type ‘Bool’ than base function (void).
Error [modautolootmenu]gameplayerplayerwitcher.ws(2166): Function ‘GetCriticalHitChance’ takes 5 parameter(s) which is inconsistent with base function (3).

Warning [content0]engineenvironment.ws(30): Global native function ‘EnableDebugOverlayFilter’ was not exported from C++ code.
Warning [content0]engineenvironment.ws(32): Global native function ‘EnableDebugPostProcess’ was not exported from C++ code.
Warning [content0]engineshowflags.ws(11): Global native function ‘DebugSetEShowFlag’ was not exported from C++ code.

I ran Witcher Script Merger and it came up blank in the «Conflicts:» and «Merges:» section except at the bottom it said:

0 conflicts 0 merges | Found 10 mods, 16 scripts, 1XML, 6 bundles

I even reinstalled the whole game because of this, but that didn’t fix my problem.

Can someone help?




Senior user



I haven’t introduced the Scripts portion of that mod and I don’t know if I will.

However, I introduced a new mod and I am having more problems. The mod in question is «The Enhancement System».

This is what my Script Compilation Errors look like now:

Error [content0]gamegameplayalchemyalchemymanager.ws(196): Could not find function ‘GetUnusedMutagensCount’
Error [content0]gamegameplayalchemyalchemymanager.ws(270): Could not find function ‘RemoveUnusedMutagensCount’
Error [content0]gameactor.ws(3731): Function ‘RemoveAllNonAutoEffects’ does not take 2 param(s)
Error [content0]gamenpcnpc.ws(584): Could not find function ‘GetPlayerMaxLevel’
Error [content0]gamenpcnpc.ws(586): Could not find function ‘GetPlayerMaxLevel’
Error [content0]gamenpcnpc.ws(1965): Could not find function ‘GetPlayerMaxLevel’
Error [content0]gamenpcnpc.ws(1967): Could not find function ‘GetPlayerMaxLevel’
Error [content0]gamevehicleshorsehorsecomponent.ws(189): Function ‘GetCategoryDefaultItem’ does not take 1 param(s)
Error [modcustomlocalizationfix]gameguimenusblacksmithmenu.ws(601): Unable to convert from ‘&array:2,0,SItemUniqueId’ to ‘Int32’
Error [modcustomlocalizationfix]gameguimenusblacksmithmenu.ws(601): With parameter ‘dismantleCount’
Error [modcustomlocalizationfix]gameguimenusalchemymenu.ws(62): Could not find function ‘GetAlchemyFiltters’
Error [modcustomlocalizationfix]gameguimenusalchemymenu.ws(126): Could not find function ‘SetAlchemyFiltters’
Error [modcustomlocalizationfix]gameguimenuscraftingmenu.ws(103): Could not find function ‘GetCraftingFilters’
Error [modcustomlocalizationfix]gameguimenuscraftingmenu.ws(170): Could not find function ‘SetCraftingFilters’
Error [content0]gameguimenusglossarybestiarymenu.ws(103): Could not find function ‘AddExpandedBestiaryCategory’
Error [content0]gameguimenusglossarybestiarymenu.ws(107): Could not find function ‘RemoveExpandedBestiaryCategory’
Error [content0]gameguimenusglossarybestiarymenu.ws(162): Could not find function ‘GetExpandedBestiaryCategories’
Error [content0]gamegameplayabilityplayerabilitymanager.ws(623): Function ‘SetItemStackable’ does not take 2 param(s)
Error [content0]gamegameplayabilityplayerabilitymanager.ws(4031): Could not find function ‘RemoveUnusedMutagensCountById’

Warning [content0]engineenvironment.ws(30): Global native function ‘EnableDebugOverlayFilter’ was not exported from C++ code.
Warning [content0]engineenvironment.ws(32): Global native function ‘EnableDebugPostProcess’ was not exported from C++ code.
Warning [content0]engineshowflags.ws(11): Global native function ‘DebugSetEShowFlag’ was not exported from C++ code.



Looks like you forgot to mention Custom Localization Fix in your list of mods since it’s causing errors. I’m seconding what Murzinio said; it can’t hurt and may fix your issue.

You could also delete your Mods folder, reinstall everything and run the Script Merger. That method has worked wonders several times.

Script Compilation Errors, but no conflicts

Graphics and Visuals:
Improved Sign Effects
Weather Enhanced

Better Torches
Auto Apply Oils
Crippling Strikes Deal Damag
Crossbow Balance Boost and Balance
Full Monster Experience
Galloping in Cities
Jump in Shallow Water
No Witcher Zoom Sense

Additional Stash Locaitons
Ghost Mode
Slots Slots Slots
The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project

User Interface:
All Quest Objectives on Map
Colored Map Markers

XP & Leveling
Always Full Exp

I’ve run the updater in Mod Manager and all of these mods are up to date.

My game was running fine until this evening, when I downloaded and installed these mods:

Auto Apply Oils
Slots Slots Slots
Always Full Exp

So it’s likely one of these three. I did run the Script Merger tool and resolved all the conflicts.

I’d like to run these mods though, so I’d prefer to be able to fix the issue rather than uninstall one or all of them.

Thanks for any help.

I would say its the slots slots slots mod but i’m not 100% sure. I would say best bet is to uninstall them 1 by 1 and delete any merge scripts that used the mods you’re uninstalling until you find the culprit.

I’m pretty sure the effects of slots stays around even after you uninstall the mod so if you discover that slots slots slots is the mod thats causing the issues you could try disabling all mods except slots and see if it runs, add the abilities you want for geralt, save and then turn off slots and add the other mods and Geralt should still have all the abilities activated that you selected.

sorry if this doesn’t help its just all I can think of atm lol

First, unless you know how to resolve the conflict coding it yourself delete merged files with Script Merger. The error is in the merged files created by ScriptMerger.

Second, you don’t need Allways Full Exp with Ghost Mode. In Ghost Mode you can adjust XP modifiers yourself and also has a couple of options that allow you to get always full XP:

README.txt of Ghost Mode:
8. Mod customization options
[. ]
— Disable quest levels: disables quest levels (none are shown in the journal) and related exp penalties. Without auto-scaling quest monsters retain their original level, so you might want to switch auto-scaling on, if you want truly level-less quests.
— Fixed experience for quests and combat: removes default mod behavior of adjusting exp for higher/lower level quests and monsters, makes all quest and combat exp fixed.
[. ]

So remove it just in case is the mod that Script Merger or you are not merging correctly.

Other two mods shouldn’t give you problems, Ghost Mode doesn’t change anything related to how many skills/mutagens/mutations you can have active but is not the first time in my case the Script Merger fails merging two compatible mods. Sometimes just fails.

1)Delete merge with Script Merger.
2)Disable one mod.
3)Merge with Script Merger and try luck.
4)If fails return to 1) till you find the mod that causes it

For disabling mods, since you are running many. Go to MyDocumentsThe Witcher folder and create a text file named «mods.settings». Edit it and make structures like this ones:

Between brackets you place the name of the folder that contains the mod inside the «Mods» folder.
Enabled can be 1 or 0 where one means the mod should be loaded and 0 tells the game to ignore the mod.
Priority is an integer number that sorts the mods load order: mods with lower number of priority are loaded first and in case of conflict with another mod, highest priority mod takes precedence. Actually [mod0000_MergedFiles] is the merged files that Script Merger creates and should always be first in load order if you want to avoid compilation errors.

How to Get Rid of Witcher 3 Script Compilation Errors [Complete Guide]

Witcher 3 is one of the most famous titles due to its diverse gameplay and immaculate graphics. It also contains a well known modding community and modding is a common thing with this game. However, a lot of modders have been recently getting Witcher 3 script compilation errors while trying to run their game with mods on Nexus Mod Manager or other Mod managing tools. Witcher 3 Script Compilation Errors

What causes Script Compilation Errors in Witcher 3?

After deeply analyzing this error on our test-benches, we concluded that the following are some of the most common triggers behind its occurrence.

  • Faulty or outdated mods: If the Mods that you are trying to install have been outdated or are generally known to be faulty, the Witcher 3 Script compilation errors will occur while trying to run the game. It is best to only install mods that aren’t incompatible with each other are known to play well with other mods.
  • Outdated game patch: Also, it is very important to install the latest game patch before trying to apply any mods on the game. if you haven’t installed the latest game patch available, the Script Compilation Errors will be seen while playing Witcher 3.
  • Corrupt files in the hack folder: It is also possible that you have installed some corrupted files in the Hack folder or they have been installed there automatically. It is best to get rid of these files before trying to attempt any fix.
  • Incorrect telemetry keyword: The Witcher 3 Script compilation errors can also spring up if a wrong telemetry keyword has been configured for them. Therefore, it is best to reconfigure the telemetry keyword and to make sure that you have selected the proper one.

Now that you are familiar with some of the most common reasons that trigger this issue, we will be moving on towards implementing the fixes.

Fixing the Witcher 3 Script Compilation Errors:

Solution 1: Remove faulty mod

In most of the cases, script compilation errors occur in Witcher 3 if the mods you have installed, contradict with each other. Mods are important to be used with the game because they add extra features to the game and enhance the gameplay, but on the other side, they can cause some major trouble if one of the mod is outdated or is interfering with the other mods. As it is a very hectic task to locate a faulty mode and disable it, the most efficient approach to resolve this issue is to delete the “Mod” folder from the game’s directory and install all the mods again one by one and see which mod triggers the error.

Solution 2: Update Mods and the game

  1. Launch your favorite browser and download the Day 1 Patch, 1.10 Patch, 1.22 Patch, 1.24 Patch, 1.30 Patch, and the 1.31 Patch.
  2. After downloading all the patches on your computer, place them in a single folder and install them one by one in sequence.
  3. To install the patch, simply open the respective folder, double-click on the executable file present in it, and click on the “Update” button from the window appeared on the screen.
  4. On completion of the steps indexed above, your game will be updated to the Patch 1.31.

Note: While downloading the mods for your game, make sure that their version is 1.31 otherwise they will not be compatible with your game.

Solution 3: Download the Unification patch

  1. Launch your favorite browser and download the Unification Patch for Witcher 3.
  2. Once the patch is downloaded, copy the “Content” and “Mods” folder and paste it in the Witcher 3 folder of your game’s directory.
  3. Now click on “Copy and Replace” from the window appeared on the screen.
  4. Once the folders are replaced successfully, launch the game and check whether the witcher 3 script compilation errors are rectified.

Solution 4: Merge Mod scripts

  1. Launch your favorite browser and download Script Merger.
  2. Now double-click on the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to install script merger.
  3. In the script merger home screen, click on the “Three-dot” icon located parallel to the text field on the top of the screen and browse to the Witchers 3 directory. Browsing to the game folder
  4. Now click on the “Refresh” button parallel to the “Conflicts” label, to find out the conflicts in the mods.
  5. Now select the faulty mods and click on the “Merge Selected Script” button located at the bottom of the screen.
  6. Now the mods that are repaired automatically and the mods that need to be repaired manually will be displayed on the screen. Click on the “OK” button.
  7. You can see three columns i.e A, B, and C, on the upper half of the screen and one Output column at the lower half of the screen. In the upper columns, the mods that need to be repaired manually, are highlighted in yellow color.
  8. Now, to repair these mods, scroll down in the Output column and locate a line that says “Merge Column”. Right-click on that line and click on the column label in which the actual code was highlighted in yellow.
    For example: If the code was highlighted in column C, you will right-click on Merge columns and choose“Select Lines From C”.
  9. After the completion of the above procedure, navigate to the “File” tab, and select “Save” to save the changes.
  10. Now click “OK” on the window appeared that says “Mergered files” and close the script merger and launch the game and check if the error has been rectified.

Solution 5: Delete the hack folder and update the telemetry keyword

  1. Navigate to the “tasks” folder in the Witcher 3 game’s directory and delete the “hack” folder.
  2. Now go back to the “scripts” folder and open the folder named “engine”.
  3. In this folder, create a new “Text document” and paste the following lines in it. Name the folder as “telemetryKeyword.ws”.
    Note: If there is a text file with the same name already present in that folder, replace it with the new one you just created.


When you launch the game, and the Script compilation Error, study the error log carefully and note down the path of a text file indexed in the error log. Also, note down the line number in the respective text file written in the text file. Now navigate to the path that is listed in the error log and, open the text file and delete the line that you noted before. We have given an example below in which we are deleting some lines from two textfiles that were indexed in our error log. Error Log Display

  1. In your game’s directory, navigate to the following path, open the file named “commonmainmenubase.ws” and delete line 73.
  2. After making the changes, save the file and close it.
  3. Now go to the following location, open the file named “maincreditsmenu.ws” and delete the line 397.
  4. Now save the change and close the file.
  5. After making the amendments indexed above, launch the game again and see if the issue is resolved.

If you are still unable to fix this issue, you can contact us for any further assistance.

Witcher 3 Script Compilation Error Fix

How do I fix the script compilation error in Witcher 3? I can understand that this is irritating to have the witcher 3 script compilation errors.

In this article, you will have the procedure for the witcher 3 script compilation error fix.

What Is Witcher 3?

Available for various gameplay and immaculate visuals, Witcher 3 is one of the most famous games. It also has a thriving Modding culture, and Modding is a frequent occurrence in this game. However, several Modders have recently experienced Witcher 3 script compilation errors when using Nexus Mod Manager or other mod management software to operate their game with modifications.

What Are The Primary Triggers For The Witcher 3 Script Compilation Error?

Some of the most frequent triggers for the Witcher 3 script compilation error

Witcher 3 script

  • Whether the Mods you are installing become outdated or commonly considered defective, the collection of Witcher 3 script compilation errors would occur when you are running the game.
  • The Witcher 3 error content 0 Mods you are attempting to add could be “1.30,” while the GOTY update is “1.31.” If there are no script compilation bugs, you might also see a gameplay issue when “1.30” modifications overwrite any of the “GOTY 1.31” update functionality.
  • If you have more than one Mod enabled, they can clash, particularly if they have different versions, i.e., if one version is 1.30 and the other is 1.31, they can cause conflicts.
  • It’s safer to mount plugging that is not mutually incompatible, and that can play along with other Mods.
  • It is critical to get the latest game patch installed before adding some mods to the game. The Witcher 3 script compilation errors can be noticed when playing Witcher 3 if the new game patch has not been updated.
  • It is often likely that any corrupted files have been installed or automatically installed in the hack folder. The only way to get rid of these data is to learn to patch them.
  • The Witcher 3 wild hunt script compilation errors will occur where they have an incorrect telemetry keyword configured. Therefore, the only way to reconfigure the telemetry keyword is to ensure you have used the correct one.

How Do I Use Witcher 3 Mod Manager?

On the first pass, it will ask you to pick witcher3.exe if you did not already have it.

For installation
  • Install Mod by clicking on the icon, go to Mods/Setup Mode, or press Ctrl+E
  • Select* folder(s) containing mod or archive (.zip,.rar, or.77z) files or both simultaneously.
  • It’s over, and you can read the number of files that have been mounted
For Uninstalling
  • Pick one or more Mods in the list, and you may click Uninstall Mods, go to Mods/Deinstall Mods, right-click on them and then choose Uninstall Selected Mods.
  • Confirm and it has been finished.
For Modes for enabling/disabling
  • To deactivate one or more Mods, pick them from the list, click Activating/Disabling Mods,
  • Go to Mods/Enable/Disable Mods,
  • Right-click
  • Select Selected Mod,
  • Press Ctrl+Q on the keyboard, or double click the Mods.
For Merged scripts installation
Settings configuration

Go to SettingsConfigure and adjust the choices available for the Witcher 3 error content 0.

Where Is My Witcher 3 Main Folder?

To get the witcher 3 error content 0 main folders you need to follow these steps.

  • Start Script Merger and display the route to the critical folder of The Witcher 3.
  • Place the mod files into the Mods folder recently built. Mode of Outlook (X) Place all files in the freshly generated folder of the downloaded modifications.
  • NMM helps you unlock Mods automatically (in The Witcher 3 it implies you unpack them and put them in the Mods folder).
  • The C:Program Files(x86)Steamsteamappscommon can be used by steam users.
  • The Witcher 3. Witcher 3.32 Updates Mods, So find your game’s installation direction.
  • Each mod overview on this list often provides a comprehensive installation and setup description, so often, additional steps are needed for it to work. ; then, if you enabled the game on your Win7 C drive, it would go into C:UsersUSERNAMEDocuments, also with the Mods folder bare.

How Do I Fix The Script Compilation Error In Witcher 3?

We will explore the witcher 3 script compilation error fix solutions below and make sure that you can use all your modifications without problems in your game.

Mods and Game update

If your software is upgraded to the new GOTY edition, and your modifications belong to the “1.30 version,” you may have a compilation error of the script, or you may have problems with some game features. Furthermore, if the game isn’t on the “1.30” or “1.31” update, these problems may occur while Modding.

To resolve this

  • Download the base game first
  • Download the 1 Patch Day
  • Similarly, the “1.10 Patch” download
  • Download Patch 1.22
  • Download Patch 1.24
  • Download Patch 1.30
  • Download Patch 1.31
  • If all the updates have been downloaded, placed them in one place.
  • To do so, double-click the patch to install the Day 1 Patch.
  • It opens a pop-up Click the Update button.
  • It installs the Day 1 Patch for your game automatically.
  • Repeat all other patches for this phase (install all of them in order)
  • If you finish the game, upgrade it to version 1.31, and the script compilation errors will be erased due to the version of the game.
  • Now make sure all the Mods you update are version 1.31 to run correctly.
  • Skip Step 14 if you don’t want to download either Mod again and attempt the second.
  • This method should resolve all version disputes in Mods, and with the game, if the error continues; you should proceed to our following approach.

To resolve this

Unification patch application

You can submit the Unification Patch that was later published to resolve these differences if you do not wish to upgrade Mods and skins, and games in separate versions. The patch will be applied step by step below.

  • Install the Unification patch here
  • Copy “Content” and “Mods” in your game folder until downloaded.
  • Select Copy and Substitute.
  • Make sure before you submit this solution, you upgrade the game to its current version; the procedure was discussed in the previous solution.

The amalgamation of mode scripts

Not all of the Mods are mutually cooperative and often lead to disputes in the compilation of the scripts. We can tackle this issue using tools that enable the hands to be fusion and the arguments to be resolved step by step below.

  • Download Merger Script
  • Run the Merger Script
  • Choose your directory Witcher 3 by tapping
  • Now, press refresh in Conflicts, and the conflicts in Mods can notify you.
  • Pick the Mods and click on Merge Selected Script. It tells you the number of conflicts in the files and the conflicts that must be resolved manually. Click OK
  • If you see in the top terms A, B, and C, the titles of the three columns are now clear.
  • The yellow lines show the disputes that need to be settled manually, and then to determine the display in the Output Column, we scroll down and scan the line which says Merge Column and is highlighted by a click yellow and a right-click. In this scenario, the column is C
  • So, please click on Select Clines.
  • Now, as you can see, the lines in column C is used immediately, and the dispute is resolved; press File and Save
  • Now close this window and you’re going to see a notification saying Merge click OK.
  • The disagreement between these Mods has now been resolved.
  • Repeat the above procedure until all disputes are settled if you have more than one manual dispute for the Witcher 3 script compilation error fix.

Delete the hack folder and change the keyword for telemetry

  • Navigate to the Witcher 3 directory “Tasks” section, and remove the “hack” folder.
  • Return to the folder “scripts” and open the folder called “driver.”
  • Create a new “Text sheet” in this folder and insert the following lines in it. Name the directory as “telemetryKeyword.ws.”
  • If the folder contains a text file of the same name, overwrite it with the new one you built just now.

How To Use Script Merger Witcher 3?

Despite its term, Script Merger identifies contradictions in both .bundle and .ws files. Then, by making combined copies of competing text files, you can fix them. It does not enter the initial archives but overrides them. It cannot merge non-text disputes, but it can help you to handle your custom load order (plugins. settings file) to bypass any Mods.

How To Use Script Merger Witcher 3

And to have the game properly understand all the Mods added that update the same file, all these updates must be combined in one file and given the highest priority for the new file — and Script Merger does that exactly.

How Do You Merge Scripts In Witcher 3?

“Scripts” tree displays unresolved Witcher 3 script problems. Click the file and push the “Create Selected Merge” button to settle a conflict: You may also pick all the scripts and click the button to combine them all.


When you start the game and compile the Witcher 3 script compilation error, closely examine the error log and record the location of a text file that has been indexed in the error log. Also, in the respective text file written in the text file, notice the line number. Navigate to the route in the error log, open the text file, and remove the line you mentioned.

Hopefully, you are now aware of the triggers that cause the Witcher 3 script compilation errors. And now, with the help of these techniques mentioned above, you can adopt any steps for the Witcher 3 script compilation error fix.

The Witcher 3 | How to install Mods without script compilation error for any patch

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Hello and Welcome to this tutorial about installing mods to The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt and crash fix.

This tutorial will work for Any patch as long as you use the same patch to the game as your mods have!

I know i use mods for patch 1.21 in the video but it’s because i uploaded this video some time ago so remember to find mods for the newest patch for the witcher 3 right now or just use the same patch as your mods and your game!

If you only looking for fixing script compilation error go to 2:15 in the video, ENJOY!

Link to the Fast travel from anywhere mod:…

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SSC CGL 2011 Tier 1- Spot the Error – Sentence Correction



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26 Responses to: The Witcher 3 | How to install Mods without script compilation error for any patch


thanks man ! the second methods works for me for the first method,the software doesn’t detect any script and i did the modification of .config file. anyway THANKS !

Michael Missak

Thanks for the mediafire virus, cocksucker!!


hey the elite unzip file seems suspicious, if you don’t have any kind of a firewall don’t download it and if you not sure your computer can handle a virus don’t download it good luck! :D

huge fiutro

Hey dude, i did every procedure, but not detecting nothing here, i also have Nexus Mod Manenger

Felix ec

thank you thank you thank you

Budi Thebudman

when i try to start the game i get those:

Error [content0]gamequestsquest_function.ws(3931): ‘fistFightForcedFromQuest’ is not a member of ‘&handle:CNewNPC’
Error [modwitchersensecat1_2]gamegameplayfocusfocus.ws(219): Function ‘LogWithName’ does not take 1 param(s)
Error [modwitchersensecat1_2]gamegameplayfocusfocus.ws(283): Function ‘LogWithName’ does not take 1 param(s)
Error [content0]gameguimenusgwintgamemenu.ws(107): Function ‘LogWithName’ does not take 1 param(s)
Error [modautoapplyoils]gameplayerstatesvehicleshorseriding.ws(49): Function ‘LogWithName’ does not take 1 param(s)
Error [content0]gameplayerstatesvehiclessailing.ws(56): Function ‘LogWithName’ does not take 1 param(s)
Error [content0]gameplayerstatesplayerdialogstate.ws(48): Function ‘LogWithName’ does not take 1 param(s)
Error [content0]gameplayerstatesaimthrow.ws(42): Function ‘LogWithName’ does not take 1 param(s)
Error [content0]gameplayerstatescombat.ws(124): Function ‘LogWithName’ does not take 1 param(s)
Error [content0]gameplayerstatesexploration.ws(55): Function ‘LogWithName’ does not take 1 param(s)
Error [content0]gameplayerstatesswimming.ws(252): Function ‘LogWithName’ does not take 1 param(s)

Warning [content0]enginetelemetrykeyword.ws(9): Native function ‘Log’ was not exported from class ‘CR4TelemetryScriptProxy’ in C++ code.
Warning [content0]engineenvironment.ws(30): Global native function ‘EnableDebugOverlayFilter’ was not exported from C++ code.
Warning [content0]engineenvironment.ws(32): Global native function ‘EnableDebugPostProcess’ was not exported from C++ code.
Warning [content0]engineshowflags.ws(11): Global native function ‘DebugSetEShowFlag’ was not exported from C++ code.

before i deleted the hacks folder i had different errors and a lot less i tried everything u did in the video and here are the mods i downloaded through nmm if that matters:

WitcherSenseCatVision – WitcherSenseCat
No Fall Damage – No Fall Damage (1.12-1.21)
Random Encounters – Random Encounters 1.22 compatible
Auto Apply Oils – Auto Apply Oils v1.22.1
All Quest Objectives On Map – modMapQuestObjectives-1.22-v9.zip
Better Horse Equipment – Different Horse Equipment Unassigned
GuardShowRespect by TSaK 1.22 – GuardshowRespect fixed 1.21
Geralt’s Skin – White Wolf From Rivia – White Wolf From Rivia version 2
Real Witcher Eyes by CurtiSRustY
Slots Slots SLOTS – modSSS_v3_2_gv_1_22_multi_mutations
The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project – The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project 3.31

Mateo Moretti

I have scripts problem whit immersive cam mod but the script manager didt show any problems and I cant repare it. What can I do? Please i dont know what to do and I try everything

Sadece Oyun

nothing changed giving same error dude and with new version its auto-resolving conflicts not manual like you but its not working…

edit:I found something its dont detect my mods dude I’ve installed fast travel too but it cant see that

Kajoranus from Kaer Morhen (El Presidente)

Error [content0]gamegameplaydamagedamagemanager.ws(15): Unknown type ‘W3DamageManagerProcessor’ for property ‘proc’.

Warning [content0]engineenvironment.ws(30): Global native function ‘EnableDebugOverlayFilter’ was not exported from C++ code.
Warning [content0]engineenvironment.ws(32): Global native function ‘EnableDebugPostProcess’ was not exported from C++ code.
Warning [content0]engineshowflags.ws(11): Global native function ‘DebugSetEShowFlag’ was not exported from C++ code.


Divinity DOTA 2

My script merger is giving error when adding the address of MODS, have looked with great attention and do not understand what can be, just have only 2 mods inside the folder

value=»C:GOG GamesThe Witcher 3 Wild Hunt» />

value=»C:GOG GamesThe Witcher 3 Wild HuntMods» />


First mod to the game, script fucking error. Now I can’t fix this even after following the video.

Zukami — Magic & Cardistry

Jakub Trtík

Ive got a problem, after doing everything like you did and launching script merger and refreshing, i still cant see any of those mods, but still getting that retarded script errors, please help :C

Marcin Rypień

You are a life savior second metod worked for me thank you very much bro :)

Tam Lu

I can not get it work even do everything on the video please help. the telemetryKeyword file should be WS file but on my computer its show text document file

DrGeralt Vesemir

Hey bro i have got a fcuking problem.This shit(script merger) dont see any wrong scripts but game fucking crashed when i install fasttravelfromaywhere hep me! plox :c

Eason Lim

Do you know how to solve a problem like it?

Error [content0]gamegameplayabilityabilitymanagertypes.ws(19): Cannot find structure ‘SBlockedAbility’ to import


It works .Thanks man

Andrew Fong

THANKS THANKS THANKS!! Finally an available solution for 1.22!

Killer Dude

Oh noooo! Please help me, sir. Everything was OK until 5:26! I did everything like in the video but that Script thing in 5:28 didn’t show up in my Script Merger Please help I beg u!


Thanks so much for over 10.000 views you guy’s are just amazing. :D


its not working at all for me. and theres way to many stuff there to look through.

Toni Subić

When I open Script Merger I can’t select scripts or anything, its not showing anything
If anyone knows how to fix this please help


This worked great for me, thanks man! Also, i know it’s not related to this but, do you know why my mutagens still look the same even though i installed the new patch that changed the look of them? Thanks and keep the great work.


beware that you need the same mod patch as your game’s patch (the patch for your mods and your game must be identical before it would work) :D

‫إسماعيل محمود‬‎

Your are a life saver thank you very much ?


Fix: Witcher 3 Script Compilation Error





The Witcher 3 | How to install Mods without script compilation error for any patch

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